Does Peso-Cost Averaging Really Work?

Below is an article taken from Insular Life giving some useful insights about Peso-Cost Averaging [Related articles here : The Easy Way of Investing & How to earn even with falling stocks??!]

This is still part of the series giving you several strategies that have been established throughout the history.

As you've probably (and yo should've) realized by now, there should be no strategy good for everyone as each person has different personality, and thus plans and time-horizon. It's basically pointless to ask and seek an advice from someone who's trading short-term if in the first you're banking long-term. I urge you to try out each of this strategy yourself and find one that works for you and for your goals.

Speaking of ehem, ehem, goals:
"Mag iinvest ako para sa education ng anak ko"
Biglang bumagsak ang market, nagreredeem na ng pera.
Bakit? mag eenroll na anak mo?"
-Rex Mendoza

Set your goals & invest according to it. This will save you from much headaches (and give you time to increase your cashflow instead!)
Happy Investing!
Does Peso-Cost Averaging Really Work? By Efren Ll. Cruz,

A lot of people are being enticed to invest directly in the stock market especially now that the Philippine Stock Exchange Composite Index (PSEi) has reached unchartered territory. And with the economy also posting significant gains, it seems that that PSEi is still headed for the stars.
A school of thought, however, proposes that while investing in the stock market is far superior over the long-run than investing in fixed income instruments, it would be advisable to just invest a fixed amount periodically. This is called Peso-cost averaging (PCA), with the currency changing depending on what you are investing in (i.e. the strategy becomes Dollar-cost averaging if you invest in Dollar denominated instruments).
To see if PCA really works, let’s apply backtesting using the historical data on the PSEi. Based on the research of my company, the Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corporation (PFA), investing in the PSEi would have produced the following returns:
Source: Philippine Stock Exchange
*assumes investment of Php100,000 at the end of each year
**up to November 29, 2012
You may be tempted to say that investing one time reaps the most rewards as shown in the simple average column. But simple average is deceiving in that it assumes that all the money you can and need to invest will be invested at one time.
Not very many people have the capacity to invest all they need to in one go. Moreover, investing all at once ignores the risk in not diversifying through time. No stock market moves in an upward straight line. This is because, as Jesse Livermore (the world’s greatest stock trader) once pointed out,
“Wall Street never changes, the pockets change, the suckers change, the stocks change, but Wall Street never changes, because human nature never changes.”
Livermore said that the FGHIs of investing, (i.e. fear, greed, hope and ignorance) periodically pull down the markets. The pull can be gentle like in a price correction or be a violent tug like in a stock market crash. History is replete with evidence of crashes from the Tulip and Bulb craze in 1634 to the Great Depression in 1929, to the Asian Financial Crisis in 1989, to the Dotcom Bubble in 2000 , and to the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.
Will there be financial crises again in the future? Most definitely! Ignoring this predisposition of markets foregoes opportunities in investing at cheaper levels, as what always happens during crises.
Another deceiving thing with simple interest is that it does not give the effective return. The annual compounded return is the better measure of effective return. And as can be seen from the previous table, investing over the long-term, especially over 25 years may not seem all that great.
So if most cannot invest all they need to invest in one go and, even if they did, would be foregoing valuable opportunities to buy cheaper, what should be the strategy? The better way is to do PCA of index component stocks. And as shown in the earlier table, PCA investing, with the exception of the 1-year measure, outperforms one-time investing in all other measures.
The other advantage with PCA is that excessive stress from investing is avoided through automatic investing rather than in timing the market. Excessive stress is one of the major causes of heart disease and no amount of money is worth chasing after if it comes at the price of high stress levels. Believe you me, my kidney function was cut in half during the Asian financial crisis when I was still managing funds.
So doing PCA on index component stocks works. And if you don’t have even the time to invest under this strategy, because of the details of having to rebalance your portfolio to match that of the PSEi, simply invest in stock index funds.
Want the stress-free way to financial freedom. Do PCA.

As the old cliche goes, Plan your trade and trade your plan.
PLAN to be a long-term investor; don't become one dahil nalaglag hawak mo.

Have fun investing (stress-free!),
PS: In strategies like PCA, choosing the right stocks is more important than timing the market.

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How to grow your money faster the easy way

Two weeks ago, a friend came up to me after reading an ebook I wrote back in 2011 - Investing in Philippine Stock Market - A Quick Start Guide, which is designed for newbie investors.

Investing in philippine stock market - A Quick Start Guide

She also knew about Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez being an attendee of The Feast and has actually already have investments in the form of mutual funds.

However, not satisfied with the growth of her mutual funds, she's now considering going one level higher - investing in Philippine stock market directly.

But as with the case of many, she doesn't know what to expect investing in stocks. When she told me she just wants to try it out, I asked her how long she considers doing it.

"Six months", she answered, adding that if it performs well, then she'll move the rest of her investments into stock market.


As much as I wanted to encourage her to start stocks investing directly, I told her the truth that having such a short-term projection may not be a good plan. I shared that there's a possibility that the Philippine stock market can perform really bad in the next six months, but if she keeps investing even during those bad times to sound giant companies and have a longer projection, those bad times can turn out to be great opportunities. The difference basically lies in the time horizon of the investor.

I used to believe that stock market is a good place to park your money if you'll never need it within the next 10 years. In fact, in comparison, one chief operating officer of a mutual fund investment company in our country tells its prospective clients to consider at least five-year holding period for their mutual fund investments to grow. Obviously, this idea is not compatible with what my friend wants to do.

Now there's a way.

Thank God, Truly Rich Club style of investing has a way of doing it relatively quicker with its Strategic Averaging Method (SAM), still with not so much efforts for people who don't have the time to do all the analysis and just wants to focus on their day job or business. (You can read this blog for a description of this method.)

For example, in below latest update from the club, it tells of its profitable recommendation to buy one stock - DNL - for fifteen months after which was already advised for selling last May 9 after reaching near its target price. (You can check at the end of this post how it performed within this period .)

Result? 30-40% growth for those who followed.

This is notably a much better growth within a much shorter period compared to average returns and holding period of mutual funds.

Now you see one of the reasons why the Club shifted to this SAM from its previous passive way investing - to get the benefit of choosing faster giant companies to make your money grow faster than if you were doing totally passive investing (which takes years).

The shorter period - with selling after few months once target prices are reached - also allows the investors to secure and lock-in profits. This multiplies the earnings nicely.

So going back to the story, I shared this same note to my friend to give an option in her stage of "trying it out" (of course with the risks involved). I also said that I'm going to share to her the stock picks I receive from the club (through its stocks update) just in her experimental period. After all, the mentors and brains behind he club see incredible growth this coming 2015, so I think she could possibly ride on it. (If you also want to just try out investing in stocks, I invite you to join our seminar this June 28 and receive free stocks update too until the end of 2014 as BONUS to help you during your experimental stage).

In our facebook investing group forum - Investing in the Philippine Stock Market - Tips & Tricks, one will not take a long time to notice the main problem of many after already deciding to invest and opening a stock brokerage account: knowing exactly what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell. And all this "initial excuses" I believe can be solved by the stocks update of the club minus all the efforts of analysis. With this, people can just look at the buy below price and target prices to help them in their monthly buying activity (and selling when it comes). You can check this blog talking more about stocks update and stocks alert.

Read below update from Bo Sanchez:


Congratulations, TrulyRichClub Members—You’ll Get 30%+ Profit In One Stock!

My members are happy.

Last February 2013, I recommended to our TrulyRichClub members to buy the stock of a relatively unknown but great company that produces food ingredients. My simple advice was, “Buy small amounts each month.”

Since a lot of people didn’t know the company, they asked, “Jeepers Bo, I’ve never heard of them before. Why will I invest there?”

I explained, “Yes, you don’t know this company, per se, but you know the clients of this company. They’re the country’s biggest food ingredients provider, serving companies like Universal Robina and Jollibee.”

When we recommended this very profitable company last February 2013, its stock price was P6.45. After 15 months, it’s now P9.25. That’s a whopping 43% growth. (Note: To compare, your money in the bank grows at less then 1% a year.)

Some analysts believe that this amazing company will still go up, because it’s got a fantastic future; BUT because we’re very conservative, last week, I already asked TrulyRichClub members to get ready to SELL very soon if it reaches (or almost reaches) our Target Price. And I asked them to transfer their money to our other recommended companies that we believe still have lower prices, especially one specific company that’s into power-generation.

Oh yes, in the past 15 months of buying this great company, there were “terrible” months when the stock went down, and some asked me, “Bo, I’m freaking out. Gosh, I’m actually losing money!”

I smiled and said, “You may be losing on paper, but if you don’t sell, you’re not losing. Just close your eyes and keep buying small amounts each month!”

Today, my TrulyRichClub Members are a happy bunch. Because now, they see their nice profits and understand how this entire thing works.

They realize that investing in the Stock Market isn’t a quick-rich scheme. They realize that there will be terrible months when the Stock Market is really down and they’ll be terrified—but they also now know that it’s during those terrible months when they earn the most terrific profits IF they buy during those terrible months. And all they have to do is “close their eyes and keep buying small amounts each month”—and they’ll come out as big winners in the end.

My message? You have to invest every month for YEARS, and in due time, you’ll earn your MILLIONS.

Here’s why: Moving forward to 2015, I see incredible double-digit growth for MOST of our recommended companies. Oh yes, there will be the usual “terrible” dips along the way, where you’ll be scared and want to strangle my neck for getting you into this, but in due time, you’ll realize that these dips are when you make the biggest profits if you buy during that time.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez


There you have it. Exciting times is coming.

Hope this helps in your "aral muna bago invest" stage.

To end this, I always say that knowing what to buy is just a tiny component of investing and thus in designing one's financial life that's why I constantly urge people who ask me to really sit down and see the bigger picture of personal finance planning.

Did you know that going into investments is actually one of the last steps in drafting a comprehensive personal financial plan? At delikado pag puro investments lang??? Now you know!

Have fun investing (for faster growth),


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Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club Winning DNL Recommendation 3

Things you’re missing when you’re employed

Last Sunday, May 17 2014, marks the fourth year of my working years as an employee. Whew, time flies so fast!

I started being part of the labor force year 2010, shortly after my graduation. I finished an engineering degree back in college , but interestingly have landed on the IT industry right in my first job. The shift is in itself one another story I'd share in future, but at this point, I'd like to highlight some general observations I had on being in an active employment in relation to the topic of this blog - finances.

Obviously, being an employee brings with itself lots of advantages and perks - primarily job/income security (which many says is now becoming a myth), limited responsibility and leverage on other company benefits ( thanks HR folks!) among others.

These attractions makes the majority of people seek jobs plus considering the fact that our society and education system is currently designed to generate employees more than employers (business-owners and investors).

But to help you see what you might be missing or just to give you more options, I will instead highlight what I see as its limitations.

Trading your time for money is called active income


1. First, employment is a VERY limited income source.

Hey, don't confuse this limitation as to the SOURCE with the AMOUNT of income coming from the source. One may be earning really BIG amount every month but that doesn't change the fact that it remains LIMITED.

How to prove this limitation?

Just try skipping going to work for a month and look at your next paycheck (or wait for your angry boss/client to come up to you) and you'll realize how limited it is in terms of its financial rewards.

The reality is that most employment in its naked form is tantamount to active work, and that work HEAVILY relies on the worker which is YOU. Pero sabi nga ng lolo ko, "kung ang makina nga bumibigay, tayo pang tao". So when that YOU stops working, the money stops coming in too.

This limitation becomes most evident come our retirement years when all our body cells, despite its mitochondrial capacity, will no longer have the power to finish the work it used to accomplish and thus produce the financial fruits it used to bear.

Will your retirement pay be enough to handle this scenario? Or will you (unfairly) let your children serve as your retirement plan?

2.Second, employment is not in your FULL control.

Though there may be career plan discussions laid down with your management you can use to track your dream career, the design of employment ultimately rests on the goals of the company which boils down to generating profits for its shareholders. In other words, shareholders first before employees. (Thank God we're investors!)

And no one knows how your boss, the company, the industry you're in or the world's economy will respond to every possible change that will eventually affect your job security. Not to mention the office politics which some people simply cannot bear that easily puts one faithful employee's hard work & greats results down the sink for some unfair decisions of a higher up.

One Sunday service preacher I know once shared to us his very sad story where he was unfairly kicked out of his company where he has worked for several decades. It even came to a point when he needed to raise the case to a government agency only to lose the case.

Will you let others design your life? Or will you take charge and have better grip on your life?

c. Employment is SHORT-lived.

One of the beauties of a good business venture is that it can be passed on and even improved through generations in families. This could also be the reason why many Chinese families go to the path of making their family businesses into corporation.

But in the employment, the results of the effort you make, no matter how big, is simply not transferable.

You don't say to your kid, "My child, I've already climbed our corporate ladder so no need for you to do it". Whatever you produced and achieved as a hard-working employee is going to be contained only for you and your employer and will end that way.

Will you work just for yourself? Or will you expand yourself to expand your cause?

4. Finally, it's not a WINNING trade.

Employment on one hand, can be seen as trade of time for money. So for people who value TIME more than MONEY, this won't seem to be a winning trade.

The left equation may include more terms depending on the sacrifices made by the person.

In fact, for many, they may trade their


while for OFWs not living with their family, they may be trading their


At this point, we may need to go back to the basic question:

"What's the ultimate reason why I want to earn money?"

Time for family

The above four come from my own realizations. You may have more to add and want to share below.

It's more than the money

Hey, don't get this post wrong. Employment is much much more than money.

Being an employee is a good and very decent way of living. We all know that there are lots of things more important than the money attached when it comes to employment (primarily the value-adding component to society) and thus money alone should never be the basis whether to stay in the employment track or not.

In my first few years of my employment, I came across this book "Your First Job" by Nelson Dy. It's a very good book that gives a positive view of work by presenting timeless principles to move you from simply surviving in the marketplace to attaining meaningful professional success. If you see yourself for employment until your golden years, grab that book quick (or you can borrow mine) and be fired up in your way.

Your First Job by Nelson Dy

But whatever way you choose, whether going to be your own boss or not, fulfilling your self-defined purpose should remain to be your major factor in deciding for your life. By all means, give your best and be smart at your work that will pay the bills and put the food on the table. But don't just chase after the wind - chase after what you believe will give meaning to your life and blessing to the world. For sure, money will then follow.

Hope this lights up a bulb in your head.

Happy investing (at your work),


PS: Warren Buffet says:

Not everybody's going to be an entrepreneur, but everybody should be financially literate. Financial literacy is a base requirement like spelling or reading or something of the sort that everybody should acquire at any early age. The financial habits you develop when you are young are going to go with you into your adulthood. But you can't be an entrepreneur unless you're financially literate.

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You are your most important investment so don’t be cheap on yourself.

Invest in yourself. In your self-growth. And whatever you spend will be nothing compared to the profits you’ll earn because of the quantum growth you’ll experience.

Your money won’t grow if you don’t grow.
Grow YOU and your money will grow too.

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Showing na bukas - Nang Magising Si Juan TV Show

Starting May 18, another TV show will help our common people have better grip in their finances, airing on GMA News TV, Sundays 8:00AM

From the description of its trailer:

Produced by Colayco Foundation for Education, Inc. in cooperation with Red Ants Media. Supported by KsKCoop, Landbank of the Philippines, Chooks To Go, AurumOne Makati, and many more.

"Nang Magising Si Juan" is not your ordinary financial literacy program. This comedy-reality show is set to educate, relate, entertain and inspire by tackling common money issues every Filipino can relate to. This show not only teaches practical and doable financial management, but also promotes positive values and corrects wrong mindsets in and beyond the topic of money.

The driving point of the whole show is this: Beyond the how-to, it's the essence, the core principles and the right attitude applied that can truly make a difference.

To further emphasize the importance of practical application of principles, this show features a social experiment on the show's main character. The goal is to enlighten him and improve his financial situation. As a relatable character, the show aims to inspire the audience and send them the message, "Kung kaya niya, kakayanin niyo rin."

"Nang Magising si Juan" is named as such because it directly reflects the perceptions, attitudes and habits of Filipinos and tries to serve as a wake-up call. On the other side of the coin, this show also reinforces the value of getting up and actually doing something to achieve one's personal goals and dreams.

The main character is Ariel Villasanta, a real-life comedian who got his share of the limelight and extravagant living but is now struggling with debt. Refusing to come to terms with reality, he projects a flamboyant image and lives in a big house, but with no electricity. (To which he puts a signage on his gate for all his neighbors to see: "Support Earth Hour Every day!")

His anxiety about his finances urges him to talk to the financial guru in the show he writes in, "Feeling Close with FJC". This show-within-a-show is a parody of a typical business & finance show: stiff sofas, big potted plants, tacky background design and lounge music playing. This will be used as a platform to deliver the financial principles and techniques that Ariel will process throughout the show. The show's star, real-life award-winning financial guru Mr. Colayco, a wise but brutally frank man, corrects Ariel's wrong perspectives and pushes him to change with challenging questions.

Along with other characters (played by non-actors), Ariel encounters different financial issues that plague the common Pinoy. Mr. Colayco gives practical advice and techniques in layman's terms. Ariel puts some of it to practice, some he willfully ignores to do his own "diskarte"(not without amusing consequences of course).

In his journey to financial literacy and freedom, Ariel discovers that there's more to managing wealth than just accumulating money and becoming rich. He also learns the values of self-discipline, hard work and even self-worth and generosity that improve his quality of life in a way more than money can.

Watch the trailer here
Have fun investing (plus more fun!),

PS: If you haven't finished yet, full episodes of  practical TV show for you from Pesos & Sense  with host Aya Laraya can be found here.

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Confused whether to trade or invest?

Do you have an experience of experimenting to do a short-term trade and then deciding to switch it to long-term because of the big losses you see?
You're not alone!

Photo credit
Below is a short article by taken from CNBC, a good reminder in knowing how you really want to go about your investment and the importance of sticking to your goal and set plan.
“Not all Wall Street gibberish is deceptively complicated,” Cramer said Monday. “Some of it is deceptively simple.”
Case in point: The idea of investing versus trading.

A lot of people use the terms interchangeably, but they shouldn’t. At least on Mad Money, they carry very different meanings. An investment is based on a long-term thesis, while a trade is any stock purchase made to profit from a short-term catalyst. Mixing up the two can cause some serious damage to your portfolio.

Only buy a stock as a trade when you know there’s some future event that could drive its stock price higher. Maybe, if we’re talking about a pharmaceutical company or a biotech, it’s the release of positive clinical trial data. Whatever the catalyst, though, the strategy is to game that news and, hopefully, take profits after. But even if the plan doesn’t pan out and you lose money, Cramer said, you must take profits once the catalyst has past. The biggest mistake you can make is to turn a trade into an investment.

On the investing side, you might see some short-term declines, but that’s OK. The goal here is to bank profits over the longer term. So those dips are just a chance to buy more of the stock in question, provided you still believe in the thesis that brought you to it in the first place. And if the stock should rise in price, don’t take your money and run. Should your thesis hold true, there will be still more good news ahead for the company.


Have fun investing (if you're set for investing)!

Omeng \_(",)/

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Note: The topic is not just about WINNING in the stock market. It will also touch on having a financial plan grounded on a solid foundation for the REST of your life.

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My First Days in the Philippine Stock Market.. and why I liked it

I have noticed my previous blogs all revolve around encouraging people to try entering the stock market.

I expressed statements like “money working harder for you”, “do not be slave of money” and “create your money machines”.

But I realize that experience is not only the best teacher.
I have recognized that it’s also the most credible salesperson.
Aside from it speaks by itself without those false marketing tactics,its results also set the records straight, putting everything in black and white,  leaving no gray areas.

So let me disclose here a snapshot of what I have experienced out of this when I was just starting back year 2010.

But first, let me say that I was really ignorant financially before, let alone on investing in the stock market.

I just considered thinking about the stock market few months after I had read Bro Bo’s book which started my financial freedom expedition. Then it was followed by an unsolicited invitation from one of our lecturers during our board exam review.

Up to now, I could still clearly remember how that kind professor said his regret on his late entry to the market. That it took him many long years before he and the stock market met along the road.

So when I finally decided to give it a try, I went the next day to an online brokerage firm and deposited 10,000 pesos.  From that day on, I faithfully made  monthly deposits to add to  my trading account.

Now what happened months after venturing into a previously unknown and seemingly intimidating world?

Shown is the summary of all my transactions for the year 2010.

Four Signal Alerts for New Investors… and What You Can Do!

Have you noticed?

At times when Philippines Stock Market starts experiencing tremendous growth, lots of “experts” begin to rise up with the tide as well. "Bull market gurus" as they say it.
So here comes a warning not to just accept whatever bit of info you see scattering around.
We need to be all the more careful on what to process in our mind especially that a lot of self-acclaimed gurus are now rising together with the rise of the stock market.

Below are some gentle guides to remind you on that.
If you see anything of below, that’s a sign you need to be more alert with what they feed you.
Photo credit

what is rich wealth if you have poor health?

The main purpose of investing is growing one's wealth. But what is wealth if you have poor health?

I remember last November 2011, I was rushed to Capitol Medical Center, that was days after I had cough, sore throat, and bloatedness, 3-in-1 (parang kape lang). That just my own description since that's how I felt that time, mukhang simple lang pero di sya biro. Ayaw ko talaga magvisit sa mga hospital, but I explicitly told my mother to accompany me that time. First time in my life.

I initially thought I could recover shortly, but it got worse. It was a Thursday, I forced myself to go to work, pero umuwi na rin ako kagad pagdating sa office. Then I had to extend my leave the next day.

And the sad part of it? I wasn't able to attend the KerygmaConference2011 (Sat), the Financial Welness Culminating Activity of our company (Fri) and wedding of my team lead at work (Sat).

I was brought to the hospital sunday evening. I had difficulty in breathing so the first thing done was to measure the oxygen in my blood. The doctor then started asking questions, and made me go  through several tests. After some time, the lady nurse came up to me injected consecutively three different doses. Ang nakakainis pa nun, walang pasabi yung nurse kung ano effect nya.

GRABBEE, para kong mababaliw minutes after nyun, pauwi ng bahay  hanggang bago matulog. Nung sinabi ko pa sa nanay ko na "para kong mababaliw, ma" (and I meant it), nagalit pa sya sakin. I tried to eat my dinner, but lalo lang akong nagsuka. I went alone to our bedroom.

It's funny, during that time, I promised a lot to God,  pagalingin nya lang ako.  gusto kong matulog to force-forget the pain, but napakaactive ng isip ko, tumatakbo pero di mo alam ko ano yung pinaprocess nya.. then I read a book under a dim light, just to force my eyes na makatulog. nakatulog naman ako after many attempts, ang weird pa nga ng panaginip ko, end of the world!

anyway, what really hit me was the time nung nasa emergency pa ko, and you see one other patient just died. you see their family crying, and once again you witness the fragility of life. My eyes was opened to see again the things that really matter in life. not money, not prestige, not power, not fame, - the things for which we probably spend most of our time.

Sometimes I suggest to friends to visit hospitals, and see our brothers and sisters in pain, you'll really have something to ponder on..

I thanked God he gave me that experience, but the same day I promised to take better care of my health..

Happy investing (for your health)!
PS: Tapos magastos pa magkasakit! 
Yung officemate ko recently, inabot ng 90k yung bill nung dalhin sa opital yung mother nya. Because of Philhealth, it was reduced to 60k. Still big money for an ordinary employee. Now she's looking for a health care insurance. Magastos kasi talaga. Tapos stress pa number one kalaban ng generation ngayon. I learned na poor Lifestyle daw madalas ang reason ng mga sakit. Ingat!

PS2: Speaking of taking care of one's health, they say prevention is better than cure. I'll be joining Bo Sanchez' 52 Healing Habits Club anytime soon. You may want to join with me in the subscription and  start taking care of your health. You can check the website here

Membership fee is 497 monthly, but bank deposit for 12-month subscription is 4771.20 only (with 20% discount). If we're 10 in the group, that's less than 500 for 52 weeks of Healing Habits eReport. Send me email if you're interested.

I actually already finished reading his physical book Awaken the Healer in You and listening to its mp3 version. Quite long but very practical and powerful.  If you're free on weekends, tambay lang ako sa Feast QC- Sabado, I can share it with you and see you there.

PS3: You can download ung first habit nya dito, about drinking PURE calamansi juice as everyday morning drink.(kaya mo yon?)

that's why am also looking for cheaper prices of calamansi, piso isa kasi sa palengke namin.. 

Invited ka - Practical Money Management + How to Win in Stock Market Seminar

The seminar loved by many is back!

Invited ka to our powerful Personal Finance + How to Pick Winning Stocks Seminar this coming June 28 2014 (Saturday), to be held at Max's Restaurant Quezon Avenue, QC from 9:00AM-6:00PM.

A life-changing talk on proper personal financial planning will be given by Lyndon Malanog, one of the mentors of Bo Sanchez in his Truly Rich Club, and a director of IMG - World Financial Group.

He is also an Entrepreneur and the Financial Coach of Bo Sanchez, Inc.. He continuously gives “Financial Discipline and Wealth Management” seminars to companies and groups as part of his noble mission and advocacy of educating people.

This part will help you see the whole picture of financial planning and not just investing. If you do not have a financial plan at this point (which is crucial!), expect to bring home one that will serve as the blueprint of your financial life.

Here you'll learn
  • The Six Steps to Financial Freedom
  • How to Prepare for your Financial Future
  • How to Build and Grow your Wealth
  • The Enemies and Allies of Wealth
  • How Money Works
  • and a whole lot more!

Next in program is PESOS AND SENSE's How to Pick Winning Stocks to be handled by Aya Laraya, a seasoned Investment Advocate of Pesos & Sense.

He will share and discuss in easy-to-understand terms the

  • Key Concepts of Fundamental Analysis
  • Tips on When to Sell Your Stocks
  • Current Stock Market Performance Review
  • Knowing Which Stocks to Buy This Year

Aya Laraya, has 25 years of experience in the different financial indusries in the country.From stocks, insurance, mutual funds, and real estate: he provides Filipinos with practical advice in determining the most suitable investments for their particular needs. He started investing while he was still in high school.

Sign-up Bonus
Once your seat is confirmed, you'll also have exclusive access to our Investing in Philippines Private Mastery Group to help you prepare yourself more for the topics (days before the seminar itself).
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And you will have a 2-months access to that.
Any additional helpful learning I'll have in the future will also be added there, which means you'll also get to have the lessons I learn myself from my other mentors.
That way, you can also prepare your questions beforehand.
If you think you're not yet ready for this seminar, this will solve your problem.

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Hope to see you there!
Have fun investing!
Omeng \(",)/

PS: You are your most important investment.
So don’t be cheap on yourself.
Invest in yourself. In your self-growth. And whatever you spend will be nothing compared to the profits you’ll earn because of the quantum growth you’ll experience.
Your money won’t grow if you don’t grow.
Grow you and your money will grow too.

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How to Pick Winning Stocks 2

Should Catholics Remain Poor?

If I'd answer that big question going back in time, "Should Catholics Remain Poor?", I'd answer a big YES. Or I'd say "Well, we should not strive to be rich". At least in the way I initially understood the teachings I received so far from the catholic church.

First, I've seldom (or never?) heard a priest sharing a Godly preaching related to money or wealth. More so, money is always tainted as something evil whenever it is mentioned in a homily. It seemed like it's very difficult to obey the Lord when you have money in your hands. "You cannot serve two masters" as they say. I was so marinated in that kind of teaching that it had very powerful impacts in the decisions I made, most of which I was not even aware of. Like during after my graduation, I had an illogical crazy fear of making money from my first employment. [related post here]

That's why when I was once invited to a Sunday service of a non-Catholic Christian group one time back during my freshman year in UP (year 2005), I was totally caught in shock when I heard the pastor asking the people who wanted to be wealthy.

"What?! Why is this guy talking about being wealthy here on earth?", I told myself.

You see I've never heard the same question in all Sunday masses I attended before! All I was hearing were really nice things about forgiveness, giving, generosity, loving, dying on your own cross, sacrifice, selflessness and all sorts of topics like that. Wonderful timeless topics applicable for everyone. But never the guts to ask for any material possession.

I thank the Lord that along the way, He helped me understand how to handle my financial life, and that it should really be, along with other aspects of my life, under His lordship.That the ability to create wealth is a gift from God Himself, and that I should be a faithful steward of the talents He's given me. It's a long journey for me, and is ongoing until now. I guess my initial experience only highlights the fact that the catholic church is more interested in lasting things for its people than those that "moth eats and rust destroys".

I remember an instance last year when the parish priest of my parish, together with its youth group, had a little dinner at KFC after doing the preparatory work for celebrating the Easter Sunday. At one point, I saw the priest, after reading a text message in his phone, asked the person beside him if he could do a pasaload of two pesos just so he could respond to the message.

I couldn't believe it! The very person who has the biggest role in spiritually building a community is lacking a cellphone load!

Now I thought maybe that's how some priest value their vow of poverty. But for the rest of the catholic population who are not priests and alike, I learned that we're called to a vow of generosity. And that we should make all means to facilitate the proclamation of the good news by supporting it at the least financially as much as we can. Obviously, that ability will be limited by how we personally handle our individual finances. This balance is a constant learning topic for me.

So why did I remain to be catholic?

This has been a long great personal journey for me. Especially when I see the catholic church being the subject of all kinds of attacks it could get.

But at the heart of all those reasons, I believe it's a place where I see the kind of love that I realize can only spring from God. It's the church that remains in its core teachings for the longest time, and one that will keep on doing so and standing up amidst the loud criticisms . It's where I see people with a degree of faith I envy, and level of trust and surrender I wish to see in my life. More importantly, it's a place that welcomes anybody, the worst sinners, the church that's never forgetting of the poorest and the untaken care of, and the voice of the unheard, from womb to tomb.

My first pamangkin is celebrating his 4th year birthday today and people thank the Lord for his grace for it. Just imagine how much grace God must have poured in to a body that's lasting for thousand years and is strongly standing until now.

But with all those said, I love how Pope Francis is being perceived now as an example of Jesus’ love for the world. He is a walking reminder that how you love and what you do is way more important than what you believe, that for people with different beliefs, sames can be bigger than differences if it's all for love. Examples like these bring me back to the old times when Jesus had decided to show mercy instead of judgment, compassion instead of division.

Share your thoughts. Should devout catholics not strive to be wealthy?

Hope you had a meaningful break.

Have fun investing (for more than a lifetime!)

- oMeng :)

PS: It's a long journey for me, but it all started with this book – The 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich by Bo Sanchez.

i will never forget this #wealthsummit2014

I will never forget this #wealthsummit2014!
during the break kanina, i was at the back waiting for my turn in a photo-op when all of a sudden there's this woman next to me who boldly initiated a conversation with me. 

What bothered her is not knowing what to do given that she has 700k credit card loan and 300k liquid amount she just pulled out from VUL. Will  she pay her consumer loan with the cash she has now or will she put that 300k in some investment? That's the question popped. 

Of course i gave the obvious answer to settle first the debt given that its interest is mostly much larger than the potential gain she could have from whatever investment she might have in mind.
but it took me some  time to process her 700k loan that i had to refer her to a mentor  Sir Lyndon Malanog to give more specific actions steps. 

You see it's quite hard for me to take it at that time!  700k could already be twice the annual income of a typical employee! how can someone just get buried in that huge debt?! 

When Lyndon began to throw some questions, it became much clearer. when she was asked how much is her monthly expenses, i was again surprised to hear her answer: 100k

She explained that she has three condo (one ready for occupancy, another one under construction, and the third one for turn-over) for which she has to pay 65k every month. Plus she's renting in pasig.

She's already married with two children (4 1/2 y/o and one 1 y/o),  while both of them with his husband earning..

It then surfaced that she also began  to have a problem in her relationship with her husband also for this  same reason.. for pinning her husband down and pushing him to take the lead in solving the problem. 

Until it came to a point  when she was brought into tears upon becoming more emotional sharing with the two of us.

At that point, I sensed a person desperately looking for help.. she started apologizing for bursting out while I tried to keep my resolve in place.

That lady seemed a strong woman to me. Well educated. Well-versed.  But starting to realize the deep financial trap she's in, she knew she had to do something. Worse is she doesn't know where to start..

And the biggest irony is that she's an accountant by profession!  She managed the financial numbers of her employer, but not her own financial life... 

Sir Lyndon began imparting encouraging words to her..not only how she can turn around their finances,  but also to rekindle her relationship with her husband. Sir Lyndon added that maybe, this could also be God's way of making her realize that we need to put God first place above everything else if we really want to receive His abundant blessings..  

At the end of the conversation, I noticed her improved aura with a clear hope inside and a smile on her face. lots of works to do on her part but she's excited to sit down for a next week's session and put everything back again in order. 

At that point, I thanked the Lord for using me in making it happen. 

But more than that, i thanked Him for opening my eyes to that need of people..

And I realized that God can indeed use even our most ordinary moments to help touch other peoples' lives if we just allow Him.. we have to be conscious in making this choice when the opportunity arises..

You may not know it yet, but you could be the very help a person next to you is desperately looking for.. So please don't contain it in yourself.

happy investing! :) 


Share ko lang ayaw ko matulad kayo sa experience ko

Some sharing this time...
Photo credit: The best way to predict your future is to create it
Sir Omeng,
        Actually sir last September po, we supposed to attend your seminar (that was September 28, 2013).Bali nag vacation po ako (from qatar) 10 days before the said date, just to attend po sana at kasama po  ang 4 members of my family. I paid 1997x5 po at pina dala ko po thru bank ang halagang 10,000  pesos. 

        I honestly believed po na  thru this seminar na kahit po malaking halaga ang 10,000 pesos ay handa po akong mag bayad , dahil ma o-open po ang awareness ng family member ko at  ito po  ay mag bibigay sa kanila ng knowledge how to handle our hard earned money at syempre po in the long run ang result nito ay magiging maginhawa po ang buhay namin,  

      Napakahirap po kasi talaga nang nag aabroad . i pray, hope and i dreamt na dyan na ako mag trabaho pero di ko po alam kung kailan ako makaka pag for good po dito. In this seminar alam ko na magiging equip po kami at ito po ang magiging dahilan para po mabago ang aming pananaw sa buhay. 

       Nakakalungkot  po na di po kami na ka attend ng seminar noong Sept. 28  kahit alam namin napakahalaga nito,dahil po, sa kasamaang  palad at sa di po inaasahan, (on the day i reached home on sept 18) my mother was complaining of severe abdominal pain and severe back pain and i rushed her to the hospital, but with our surprised na diagnosed po na may terminal PAncreatic CA po sya, bali late na late na po naming itong nalaman.  

       So, from that same day na-admit na po sya sa hospital at ginawa po namin ang lahat ng pararan para ma bigyan sya ng proper medical treatment  at talaga pong napaka hirap  po ng inabot ng aking nanay ganun din po kami, nag tuloy tuloy po kasi ang abdominal  pain nya at talaga pong unbearable ang sakit na inabot nya. 

        Tinapat na rin kami ng mga doctor pero sumigi parin kami , kahit financially gipit na kami so, from MCU hospital we tranfered her to Mary Johnston hospital talagang gusto naming syang mabuhay......... But even we tried our very-very best and also all her doctors, each......  we've lost her and she died on October 4,2013.  

         After po nito ay naiburol  po sya ng 4days at after 3 days po ay bumalik na rin po ako ng qatar, baon ko po ang napaka lungkot at napaka sakit na karanasan ko dyan (im so sorry sir omeng kung napa ka drama ng buhay ko, pero totoong nangyari ito.) 

         Sir, omeng pwede po ba akong maki suyo sa mga lecturers at organizer na maka attend yung kahit isang pamangkin ko at isang kapatid  ko with a "minimum payment"  , Sir kahit po makinig nalang sila at di na po ninyo ibilang sa pag kain, tutal po sir pag break pwede ko naman po silang pag baunin ng food or dyan sa malapit na fast food nalang sila kakain.
        Talaga  po kasing  nagipit po kami sa mga gastusin habang nan dyan po ako. Alam ko po kasing napakahalaga nitong "seminar " nyo  para sa aming pamilya. I really value this Seminar! 

Hope matulungan nyo po kami sir omeng,
May God bless you. 

WOW. I just saw a person who's taking that much extra effort for his family.

Something to which we can all relate. 

And when you see that, it's always a humbling and defining experience.

Many times you simply have to listen to others and you begin to realize how life is really more than your own world...

That person clearly knows what's important to him. And he's taking an action to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Hope we can all learn from this.

Last day na today - Jan 9 (for YOU naman) to  avail the super early bird fee 
of 2497 1997 1497. If you're SERIOUS  in overhauling your financial life and REWARDING yourself, it starts with a plan.  Bring home one this January 25.
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And some few words of reminder (from our fb group) for those who have the poor habit of delaying: 

Just my cents..... Sorry guys experience ko kasi to kaya sa mga early 20ish na investor wag nyo sayangin ang araw. Take actions while young. Trust me! Sabi ko ng paulit ulit kung sinimulan ko mag save nung 21 ako baka i can tell hayahay na ang savings ko ngayon. Buti na lang maganda work ko kaya nakapag simula na ako ng actual. La lang share ko lang ayaw ko matulad kayo sa experience ko na isang kahig isang tuka dati. Remember kurot principle?

One wise man said the best way to predict your future is to create it. 

Start creating! 
Happy investing! 


Last day na today - Jan 9 to  avail the super early bird fee  of 2497 1997 1497. Invest in YOURSELF this time. And reap the rewards in a lifetime.

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Few seats remain so reserve your seat now na.

How inflation makes you an automatic loser (and what you can do about it)

In my last blog -  Are you financially better off now than last year? (with lots of helpful tips for an abundant new year), I shared that one of the very basic reasons why it's important to invest is to beat the effect of inflation. 

But what exactly is inflation? How does it erode our money's purchasing power?

In below article, you'll see in very simple numbers how inflation can make you an automatic loser if you're one of those who are ignorant about it. Find out what you can do about it.
Photo credit: Are you also a victim of inflation?
Wealth Building has no shortcut that’s why every effort needs to count to the building process. The title of my article is “Simple Math to Wealth Building” but Mathematics is not simple even though it is our word of mouth. To make things simpler, let’s use the word “Arithmetic” (from the Greek word arithmos “number”), the oldest and most elementary branch of mathematics, used very popularly, for tasks ranging from simple day-today counting to advanced science and business calculations. In common usage, it refers to the simpler properties when using the traditional operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with smaller values of numbers.

We can find a lot of numbers in the Bible starting from how God created the world. God also gave us the formula for savings when He instructed Joseph the Dreamer to save one-fifth of the produce of the Land of Egypt during the seven plenteous years so that Egypt will not perish in the next seven years of famine to come (Genesis 41:34-36). In our Light of Jesus community, Bro Bo teaches us how to save and invest using our “Prosperity Formula” which is:

100 percent Income – 10 percent Tithes – 20 percent Savings & Investments = 70 percent Expenses.

This means that we have to adjust our lifestyle to the 70 percent of our income if we want to build wealth. But for this article, let me focus on the 20 percent savings and how arithmetic (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) will influence its future value whether it be growing or losing.

Let’s say that your 20 percent savings is 10,000.00 pesos and you decided to put it in a Time Deposit Account which is roughly 1.75 percent PA (per annum) as of today. Using arithmetic, the computation would go like this:

Multiplying 1.75 percent PA of Time Deposit Rate to 10,000 will give us 175. Adding 175 to the original amount of 10,000 will give us a Gross Amount after a year of 10,175.

Almost all income from interest rates are taxable. So, applying 20 percent withholding tax to the income which is 175 will give us 35 and subtracting 35 from the gross amount of 10,175 will give us the Net Amount after tax of 10,140.

We are not done yet because we haven’t included the effect of Inflation. Inflation is not the tire pressure of our car but it’s the rising prices of commodities. Inflation on the average ranges from 3-5 percent PA. Using a 5 percent Inflation PA and multiplying 5 percent to the Net Amount after tax which is 10,140 will give us 507. Subtracting 507 from the Net Amount after tax of 10,140 will give us the Net amount after a year which is 9,633.

Surprisingly, the resulting amount is even lower than the original amount. This computation may be so simple to a lot of you but I have met thousands of people who are not really aware that their money is not really growing. It is indicated below as follows:

10,000 Original amount
+ 175 (1.75 percent Time Deposit PA)
10,175 Gross Amount after a year
- 35 (20 percent of 175, withholding tax)
10,140 Net Amount after tax
- 507 (5 percent of 10,140, average inflation/year)
9, 633 Net amount after a year

The net amount shows that your savings is actually losing value year after year. Subtracting the net amount from the original amount after a year will give us the amount we lost.

10,000 Original amount
- 9,633 Net amount after a year
367 Amount we lost

Dividing 367 which is the amount we lost by 365 days in a year will give us…

= 367 Amount we lost / 365 days in a year

= 1.0054/day rate of losing value

This Simple Math or Arithmetic tells us that our original amount is losing at the rate of 1.0054/day. This also tells us that we need to put our savings and investments in an investment instrument that will outpace the effect of taxes and inflation.

(Better way to explain inflation is this:You initially had 10,000 pesos, with that you can buy (something) Nagtipid ka, nagtiis ka at nilagay mo sa bank time deposit account yung 10,000 mo. Kumita ka ng 140 pesos so may 10,140 net of taxes ka.

Kaso, yung dating (bagay) na 10,000 pesos, nagkakahalaga na ngayon ng 10,500 pesos -- yung dating kaya mong bilhin, ngayon hindi mo na kaya.
Nagtiis ka nga, yun pala, mas ok kung binili mo na lang yung gusto mo. Thanks to Aya Laraya for this note).

We are now in the Information Age and not in the Industrial Age. Financial Literacy is vital to keep up with the fast changing world of numbers. Make time to learn by attending our seminars but if you think financial literacy is a waste of time, try losing the value of your money year after year from your savings and investments!

Remember, we are only stewards of God’s wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). Learn to grow what is entrusted to you (Matthew 25:29).

Happy investing.

PS: The above piece is a short section of a sample Wealth Strategy article of Truly Rich Club from Lyndon Malanog.

Lyndon Malanog is an Entrepreneur and the Financial Coach of Bo Sanchez, Inc.. He continuously gives “Financial Discipline and Wealth Management” seminars to companies and groups as part of his noble mission and advocacy of educating people.

Meet Lyndon in person in our
Practical Money Management + How to Win in Philippine Stock Market Seminar! this coming January 25 at Max's, Cubao!

Get also an exclusive bonus  access  to our Investing in Philippines Private Mastery Group to help you maximize your learning from the seminar.

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PS2: Hey,  SAVING is a good habit (and a MUST at that), but you must obviously never stop there. To add,  growing your wealth should be a PROCESS. It's ideal to observe this process because failure to do so can be a big risk in your financial life. One surprise strike and you're Janjanjanjan... TUMBA.  

In Randell Tiongson's book No-nonsense Personal Finance, he proposes to follow below sequence of steps.

You can watch this ANC's free video of him discussing it in more details, but it basically means that BEFORE you invest, you need to have your cash flow/income source stabilized, debts eliminated, emergency fund accumulated, protection secured, and then that's the only time you go investing. Simple concept but often overlooked. A good reminders it to remember that the goal is not really to have big chunks of money, but to achieve our ultimate life goals with enough money in our hands. Millions can easily fade away even with just one unfortunate life tragedy, so better to have a process protect you.

PS3: Have a SUPPORT system for your investment journey, and be guided in every step of the way with Truly Rich Club.
Truly Rich Club is a membership Club that Bo Sanchez had created to help people achieve Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance.  It provides its private members with the right tools, principles, and strategies to grow their mindset and thinking and, in turn, their financial and spiritual life. 

To get to know more about the club, its current recommendations and other wealth-building lessons, click here - Easy Investing the Truly Rich Club way!  

PS4: On the recent facebook post about starting early, one person shared:

" I am now 24yo. When I first learned about investing in the stock market, I was like, "meron pa lang ganito? Ba't ngayon ko lang nalaman to?" At the age of 21, feel ko late na ako sa pagdiscover on those stuffs. I thank God na naimbento ang internet at nagagawa ko ang research ko about this. Don't mind those people. Buti ka pa you are free to put any amount of your money in this very lucrative investment opportunity. Others are willing but due to them being the breadwinner of their family, they can just start at the bare minimum."

And that my friend reminds us of the beauty of starting as early as you can (following the process of course).  

Join us in our upcoming seminar and learn more how you can take a proactive approach in securing and improving your financial life starting this year and find out  practical strategies in growing your wealth in the stock market.  

Seats are running out fast so invest in YOURSELF now and get the  Early Bird fee  of 2497  1997 (SAVE 20% OFF).  
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