A Closer Look – Stock Market Order Matching

How does order matching actually occur in the stock market?

Whenever you place an order in the stock market, your online broker will let you see all other orders currently queued for your chosen stock. 

This is the order board or quote screen that identifies the Buying (Bid) and Selling (Ask) parties into each stock choice. This stock quote screen lists on the left column the desire to buy and on the right column the desire to sell, showing the respective volume levels (or size) at each bid price level. 

The queue actually shows the precedence/sequence and thus of priority of execution of these orders, depending on their price, which you can use to adjust your own bid/offer price to get the desired priority.

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People In Their 30s And 40s Fear Growing Old Without Money

Another Bro Bo Sanchez's inpiring invitation to invest in our own stock market in the Philippines and let your money grow effortlessly through time!
Make the stock market your giant piggy bank!
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STOCK PRICE : The Board Lot Table

What the heck is the board lot concept in the stock market?
This is one question commonly asked by new investors. They get intimated by this jargon that sometimes, they just get stuck in the process.
So let’s answer that question by presenting to you the single table you’ll ever encounter in your investing career-  the Board Lot Table.
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