How to Pick Winning Stocks

You're invited to our powerful Personal Finance + How to Pick Winning Stocks Seminar this coming September 28 2013 (Saturday). It will be held at Max's Restaurant Gateway from 8:00AM-3:30PM.

A talk on proper personal financial planning will be given by Lyndon Malanog, one of the mentor of Bo Sanchez in his Truly Rich Club, and a director of IMG - World Financial Group. 

He is also an Entrepreneur and the Financial Coach of Bo Sanchez, Inc.. He continuously gives “Financial Discipline and Wealth Management” seminars to companies and groups as part of his noble mission and advocacy of educating people. 

This part will help you see the whole picture of financial planning and not just investing. If you do not have a financial plan at this point (which is crucial!), expect to bring home one that will serve as the blueprint of your financial life.

You'll also learn

  • The Six Steps to Financial Freedom
  • How to Prepare for your Financial Future
  • How to Build and Grow your Wealth
  • The Enemies and Allies of Wealth
  • How Money Works 
  • and a whole lot more!
You'll also learn how you can  invest in Mutual Funds, Insurance and other investment products you can use in building up your own portfolio. If you want to avoid the mistakes lots of newbies do in their financial life, this part will also tell you how.

After this, you will also be given a free pass to PESOS AND SENSE's How to Pick Winning Stocks
handled by Aya Laraya, a seasoned Investment Advocate of Pesos & Sense.

He will share and discuss in easy-to-understand terms the
  • Key Concepts of Fundamental Analysis
  • Tips on When to Sell Your Stocks 
  • Current Stock Market Performance Review
  • Knowing Which Stocks to Buy This Year

Aya Laraya, has 25 years of experience in the different financial indusries in the country.From stocks, insurance, mutual funds, and real estate: he provides Filipinos with practical advice in determining the most suitable investments for their particular needs. He started investing while he was still in high school.

Sign-up Bonus
Once your seat is confirmed, you'll also have exclusive access to our Investing in Philippines Private Mastery Group to help you prepare yourself more for the topics (days before the seminar itself). 

It's a compilation of materials, lessons, articles and tools that aims to give an overview of what stocks investing is all about.

And you will have a lifetime access to that.
Any additional helpful learning I'll have in the future will also be added there, which means you'll also get to have the lessons I  learn myself from my other mentors.

That way, you can also prepare your questions beforehand.
If you think you're not yet ready for this seminar, this will solve your problem. 

So register now to reserve your seat.

To register, send an email for reservation.

Have your payments from   Sept 1-7 and you can avail the Early bird fee of 1997.
Have your payments from Sept 7-13 and you have the regular reservation  fee of 2497.
Have your payments after Sept 13 and you have the walk-in fee of 2997.

You can make your deposits to either one of below savings accounts:
Account Name Romer Tawid.

    BPI Account # 4339300157
    BDO Account # 006960030969
    Metrobank Account # 6363636082407

Once done, please confirm your payment here.
Don’t delay. We'll have limited slots only! We don’t want to reject your reservation because we’ve reached the maximum number of participants.

The fee will already cover your lunch with free-flowing coffee to keep you awake. But more importantly, this small investment will be your golden ticket and opportunity to meet like-minded people and expand your network while taking charge of your finances for the rest of the year with all the info in store for you.

Hope to see you there!
Have fun investing!
Omeng \(",)/

PS: You are your most important investment. 
So don’t be cheap on yourself.
Invest in yourself. In your self-growth. And whatever you spend will be nothing compared to the profits you’ll earn because of the quantum growth you’ll experience.
Your money won’t grow if you don’t grow. 
Grow you and your money will grow too.
PS2:  Limited slots only! Email your reservation to now.
You can make your deposits to either one of below savings accounts:
Account Name Romer Tawid.
BPI Account # 4339300157
BDO Account # 006960030969
Metrobank Account # 6363636082407

Once done, please confirm your payment here.

PS3: Bring a friend and you get discounted fee of 1997 only  each! Email to reserve your seat now.



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