Don’t tell this to my employer...

Few updates first!

The PSE will have longer hours of trading starting October 3 2011!
From its usual 9-12 trading hours, it will extend until 1PM.

9:00 am
Continuous Trading
9:30 am
12:47 pm
Run-Off/ Trading at last
12:50 pm
1:00 pm

Then come next year, it will extend more until 3PM. Yipppee!
That only means you can now manage your investments even during your lunch time, and not only during your official working hours, as in the case of a working employee.

For investors following the Easy Investment Program strategy, that should not be a big deal for you. Remember that fifteen minutes a month – that's just what you need to place your orders and make your millions through time.
But for traders and short-termers, I think it sounds more as good news in terms of having more time on monitoring one’s portfolio within the day.
Happy investing!

Second is the good news: THE STOCK MARKET IS ON SALE!!!
The stock market the previous days has really really gone down.
In Bo Sanchez’s terms, it’s an eat-all-you-can buffet at a big discount!
Oh, I envy the people just entering now.
Thank God that though it’s bad for my current positions, I am now more prepared for this than before.
Again, if you’re a long-term investor, you should be throwing parties now! All our favorites are at bargain prices! You can have them at cheaper prices.
If you’re a short-termer, that’s another valuable learning experience!

So why am I saying this to you?

Don’t tell this to my employer! :0

Time to share with you a personal secret!
A thought might be a better word.
Ssshh, don’t tell this to my employer – but I am planning to retire from working at the age of 30.
Yep, I am really toying with that thought.
If circumstances won’t allow, I can manage until 35.
And if my wife will really push for more, I can stretch until 40.
But no more extension beyond that. 
It’s goodbye corporate world, and hello to the agricultural world! LOL!
I’m currently 22 years old, and considering the way things are running now, there are obviously a lot of things I need to prepare if I am to make it a dream-come-true for me.
For one, I’ll have to know the best breed of chickens, carabaos, goats, cow, sheeps and other farm animals. Whaha!
I have practically grown in the city, and the only gardening experience I had was my EPP (Edukasyon sa Pangtahanan at Pangkabuhayan) subject back during my elementary days!
Photo credit
That time, during our class, I was happy being the first to grab the lagadera (water sprinkler), and kill the plants by drowning them. :P
Second I’ll have to convince my in-laws that I can survive my family with that kind of set-up, seeing them as going to be the most resisting party when we finally come to that point.

Just to clarify.
Not that I don’t like to work, of course I do. 
I am more than happy adding value to this vast big universe.
Maybe, it’s just that I want to have the control of my time. 
I want to have the freedom and luxury of doing things I really want to do. 
I want to reach out to more people more than what I can now.
I want to put smiling faces to those places where the basic needs are hardly met.
I want to help while I can…
And since I cannot afford to do it all now, I would have to continue preparing for that dream.
Which explains why I am into the stock market – because it’s one way I believe that can help me pursue that dream

Second viable option is to build an auto-pilot business system, which is obviously a lot bigger task than placing your investment orders online. Though I am also making small steps on that.
With that said, you can be sure how great the role of the people surrounding you is. That’s going to be your support system.
And I am really praying that God give me the right people to help me with my dreams. And I believe He’s giving it slowly now.

Haha. Sorry, so noisy of me. This blog is really nothing more than a reminder for me of the original plans I had.
But in any case you would need my help in your own dreams, I’ll be more than glad to be part of it!

I'm now a Fund Manager

One last note - I am now a fund manager
My customer - my two friends and my older sister. HAHA
Last two months, I together with my two friends agreed to pool our funds and invest them in the stock market.
We’re to pool 1k each month until February next year. And since I am the only one among us who’s into the stock market, I was naturally the one assigned to be the fund manager.

But I realized the responsibility is bigger than the privilege, knowing that now, it’s others' money and not just my own that I handle. May the stock market be friendly to my friends. ^^
Last week, my older ate (sister) has also given to me her entire savings, which I said I also plan to invest.
Whew, I can now get more from the same investment analysis I'm learning now.
A big challenge, but also a rewarding one!

That's it for now.
Have fun investing!

PS1: I have  already found my support system for my investment journey, and so I am not worried with my portfolio because I know there’s someone to guide me all along. Join me in the Truly Rich Club and shortcut your financial journey, helping also the ministries for the poor, all at the same time!

PS2: I thank my friend for trusting their money in me. More than the money, those are my greatest treasures.  Thank you for the opportunity of serving you!



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