How to save by spending

Saving is the prerequisite of investing. Unless you already have a big chunk of cash from your parent’s inheritance or you’re that one lucky winner of all those kinds of lotto, you would need to practice the act of saving to keep on investing. This is naturally the hard part at the start, but it doesn’t need to stop you there.

I spell-out below some ways that helped me mold my habit of saving.

Simplify. I am fortunate I was raised with a simple life.  The things I’m most delighted about are free. The silent beauty of nature, endless (sometimes non-sense) stories from friends, corny but full-laugh jokes shared, the startling behaviors of kingdom animalia, the relaxing breeze of a cold province puffed with wintry air, a stolen nap in a class during college, and a whole lot more.

Life seems complicated because people choose to make it that way. Especially now with the booming technology and consumerism around teasing us, people has more source of distractions than ever that really hide from us the things that really matter in the long run.  If you want to add more to your savings, you need to cut buying things you just throw away after short time of entertainment.
Assess. What do you really want to do with your life? It’s imperative that we assess our life from time to time to check if we’re still heading in the right direction. That way we see the things we may need to dispose or focus on.

I learned this golden advice that may help:
What do you want to have in your 88th birthday?
If you’ve got your answer, nail your focus on that prize from now on. I’m pretty sure most of them won’t require lot of cash from your pocket. Get detached from your expenses that don’t contribute much to your ultimate longing.

Value. Value what you have now. Never have the habit of wishing for something first before standing up to act. If you want to finish the marathon, you need to start with yourself, and that includes everything with what you have now.

Do you have talents you’re keeping in yourself? Serve the world with that. Find your tribe. I realized that you can’t stop people from rewarding those who are able to help them.

A friend would always say to me that money is a symbol of value. And since service is inherently adding value in this word, that service will attract the symbol of it.
Your creator was the same guy who made the entire universe (and all beyond it). There must be some oh-so-great value within you. Unleash that and let it grow by sharing it with the world.

Enjoy! Finally, just like God who took a day of rest after lots of creation in six days, you have the duty to reward and pamper yourself for all the good things flowing from you. J
Don’t try to be a 24/7 working person.
We are human beings, not human doings, much more not human-pretendings. Choose to BE.

Saving doesn’t necessarily mean depriving yourself of the things you enjoy. Spend for yourself so you can save for yourself. Your life satisfaction is your sole responsibility. Always find ways to find the things that really and truly make you delight J

There you have it. Those were my personal experiences. You may find some better ways that will fit your situation more. 
Just remember that you need to establish first your desire and reason that will always remind you  and get you back in track in case the going gets tough.

Have fun investing!

 - Omeng



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