Gus Cosio Says So - What to do now as investor in the Philippine Stock Market

Gus Cosio Says So - What to do now as investor in the Philippine Stock Market
Hello investors in the Philippine Stock Market!
It’s been almost half a year this 2012!  This is a perfect time in assessing our present performance in the Philippine Stock market.
How are you doing in your doing in your investments?
Did the Philippine stock market become friendly enough to you?
What are your investment lessons you had in this first half of the year?
And what are your plans in coming next half-year?

In case you’re finding yourself wandering now and not sure what to do in the current condition of the Philippine Stock Market, here’s some encouraging words from our kind friend Gus Cosio, one of the most respected fund manager in the Philippines:
It's amazing that so many people are interested in getting to understand financial markets. I gave a talk this evening to Metrobank/First Metro investors and clients about financial markets outlook. Generally, I imparted my view that this country is in a bull phase that will likely run for three more years. Inflation will be stable, GDP will see sustained growth, the PHP will tend to strengthen and the fiscal position of the government will be more manageable. Having said this, any weakness in stock prices should be temporary and a buying opportunity for most stocks.
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That’s it!
Just making sure you’re still in your sense and ready in this exciting phase of the Philippine stock market!

Don’t be disappointed if ever you have not so good returns so far. For sure, your harvest time will come if you’ll just be faithful at this planting time!
Enjoy Monday! Enjoy the rest of the week!

Have fun investing (and reaping in the future)!

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