Free Financial Literacy Program for Pinoys in SG!

Free Financial Literacy Program for Pinoys in SG!

Are you a Pinoy in Singapore? Then this is for you!
Read details below and start being a manager of your financial life!

Seats are limited so better sign-up and reserve for a slot now.

If you’ve been in this blog for some time, you’ve probably known that my heart belongs to our dear OFWs. So if you also know someone in SG who you think needs this, spread this and help them start build their wealth and go back to the Philippines with much more financial peace.

By the way, its speaker Randell Tiongson is one of our mentors in the recently concluded RFP (Registered Financial Planners) Program. I was part of its batch 28 run (which the organizers say is the most vibrant batch so far HAHA) and am just so fortunate to meet this great guy in person. 

I personally love his emphasis on research, values and integrity which I think are the things that greatly differentiate him from the rest of financial coaches out there.
I am excited to make a review on his approach to financial planning in my future blog, but in the meantime, enjoy learning from him in his personal blog. He also has another seminar offering - the NO NONSENSE SEMINAR on FINANCE:How to invest for the future! with details you can find here.

That's it!
Happy Monday!
Enjoy this free gift!
Have fun investing

PS: A group of Pinoys in Singapore is also cooking another gathering that can serve as a regular venue for financial literacy discussions. This is also a good chance for you to network with other Pinoys in Singapore as you go along your financial freedom journey.  Discussions about the event is going on right now so join our Facebook group and just look for the thread dedicated to that.

PS2: This is important. Hang around for the next blog where you can get a chance to have a personal finance plan, still for FREE.  
What is a personal finance plan?
It’s a plan that will help you achieve your life’s goals focusing on its financial aspect. Yes, we’re talking about life’s goals so this must be big.
In a nutshell, a financial plan will help you have a gauge on where you are right now, where you want to be, and detailed action plans you can possibly take.
This is rather serious as we’ll meet personally a few times to gather data and discuss things.
No any sort of selling, just serious planning that can be of help towards your dream life.
Comment below if you need more details.



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