Guess how I was able to attain 100% gain!

If you know my stocks investing story, you would know that Philstocks by Accord Capital was my first online stockbroker.
When I learned of COL later on, I decided to consolidate my investments there and make it as my main broker.

To do that, I sold whatever stocks in Philstocks account I could sell for profit so I could immediately transfer the cash to my COL trading account. That way, I would only have to monitor one account.

The only stock that effectively remained in my Philstocks portfolio was MEG, which was also the first ever Philippine stock I bought.

Now when I checked my Philstocks account yesterday, the screen says I had 100% gain! Woah!

But is it? Can you have a guess on how I was able to achieve 100% gain?

Just a puzzle for you this rest day! HAHA

Enjoy the weekends!
Have fun investing!

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PS4: Random thought - People of Jehovah's Witnesses are really nice! I just talked to one of them (a college friend actually)  and I was inspired by her own commitment to their beliefs!  I admire their dedication into their solemn duty to reach out to people and be indeed witnesses of God to others. And I can see God in them!
Yeah, I'm a solid Catholic but that doesn't stop me in seeing the hands of God at work in them!
May God bless their work!



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