What stocks to buy and sell now in Philippine Stock Market

Yesterday, our index has reached another all-time hight past 7000 mark. Yay!

At this point, some say there are still some room for good news:
1. Investors are anticipating another upgrade to investment grade rating, this time by Standard & Poors.
2. 1Q Earnings report of companies
3. Philippines GDP report
But as we all know, what happened yesterday CAN be wiped out too, just like what happened during the recent market uptrend.
No one really knows exactly what will happen next.
Thus this reminder - STICK TO YOUR PLAN.
Bro Bo in his latest Stocks Update tells its members - Don't get Cocky. 
Di ko nga alam meaning ng cocky so I googled it pa.  And it says "conceited" or "arrogant".  
So while we may see ourselves making bucks now, let's be humble enough and be reminded of the real money once our investment plan is finished.
Kelan kaya yun?
 Have fun investing (in a non-cocky style!)!
 - Omeng

PS: Below is our latest investment guide in our facebook group - Investing in Philippines Stock Market Tips & Tricks.  Know what stocks are still for buy and what are riped for selling.To get a better understanding of the terms and figures, go straight to our discussion forum here. Bawal mahiya.
PS2:This blog now has dedicated pages for click-by-click tutorial for beginners. If you have a relative or a friend whom you want to introduce to the world of stocks investing, you can direct them to below easy-to-follow tutorials. Even grade-school children should understand that, so konting kalabit mo na lang kelangan. Help them realize what they're missing and they will thank you for that in the future. 

PS3: But before that, let them read first the story of Bo's maid-now-bookeeper-and-a-millionaire-investor. 
The truth is... stories move people more often than facts. 
So share with them first the story of Gina (that's the name of the maid) who have just turned to a millionaire and now inspires many! Read the account here!
Download the ebook for them here.



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