Stocks are now falling down.. and I'm rejoicing!

In case you're feeling incredibly sad with the market happening yesterday, I thought of sharing this consoling message from Bro Bo Sanchez.

See times like this more as an opportunity than a curse.  More importantly, stick to your long-term goals and not be easily swayed by temporary market mood swings like this.

Sabi  nga ng isang forumer, 
"Nakakabother lang yung long -term investors dito. Panic kagad sila kapag namula ang ports. Yung totoo long term ba talaga horizon mo or short term?"

Totoo naman.
In fact, I think there are better opportunities coming than what we have now. 

So.. so.. so.., nail your eyes on your ultimate goal at bawal ang sabihing long-term tapos tapos eto ka, namula lang ng konte,andami mo nang naiisip gawin. Alam ko yan kasi ganyan din ako dati. hehe.

But don't crucify yourself.
It's very normal and I'm confident that it will just be a matter of time before you get used to it.

Once you have that mindset, you'll feel more peace with your investments.

So eto na update from Kuya Bo para dagdag peace sayo.

At last!  After a long wait, our Stocks finally went down.

I’m so happy.

It’s soooooo nice to see some of my SAM Stocks go “Red”!

Whenever you see that red number beside your Stocks, that’s YOUR signal to KEEP putting small amounts of money into these same Stocks.

Why are our favorite Stocks going down?   Because we have an “overbought” market. This is common.  This always happens.  And this is temporary.  The people who are selling now are doing so because of various reasons: (1) They’re traders—they bought some weeks ago when the prices were low and want to make a quick buck; (2) Or they’re long-term investors who are panicking.  Crazy.

TRC Members, you know better!  We don’t panic.  And we’re not after a quick buck.  We’re after the slow but sure bonanza!

By the way, the Philippine Stock Market isn’t the only one that’s down. The world markets are down.  The Japanese Stock Market is down too—by 10%.

When people are panicking, that’s the time to buy our SAM Stocks.

Stay the course.   Remain faithful to our strategy.  Invest each month your small amounts of money into the Stocks we recommend—and in a few years,those small amounts will become big amounts.


So wag nang sad.

Have fun investing (and fun lang po)!

PS: For beginners, read this story of Gina (that's the name of the maid of Kuya Bo)  who have just become a millionaire and now inspires many! Read the account here!
Download this free ebook of the complete story  here.



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