What Kind of Future Do You Want?

Below is an excerpt from Bo's book Choose to be wealthy.
May this story remind us that we have the power to create the life we want.

Let's all use that power.
May the force be with you!
Enjoy the end of this week!

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“Bo, we’re torn between loving my mother and loving my kids.”
My friend Pam was talking about her aging mother and her two daughters.
Her mother was 63 years old and very sickly. Since her father died, Pam’s mother has been living with her for the last two years.

“Bo, we’re not rich. But last month, we spent more than P12,000 for my mother’s medicines. Again! I wish my two brothers and other sister take care of her, too,” she
said, her voice trembling. “My husband doesn’t complain but I’m sure he doesn’t like it. We have two daughters and we sometimes can’t buy them things for school because of Mom.

Yesterday, my daughter asked me again if I could buy her a computer — but I told her, ‘Sorry, we can’t,’” she paused to breathe, fighting back her tears, “‘because grandma needs our money.’”

“Have you asked your brothers and sister to help out?” I asked.
“We fight about it a lot. Over the phone. Emails. I tell them to let our mother stay in their homes. That it’s their turn. But they tell me they can’t afford it, too.”
“I see.”
“Bo, the sad thing is that Mom feels it. She knows wedon’t like her at home.”
“Why do you say that?”
“I just know. Perhaps she overheard us fighting. Sometimes, she talks about dying so that we won’t be burdened anymore.”

 What If We Can Go Back in Time?

What if this 63-year-old grandmother read this book when she was in her 20s, 30s 40s? The situation would have been totally different.
Dramatically different.
Because she and her husband could have saved 20 percent of their income every month and invested it in the stock market, mutual funds and other investments.

By age 63, she would have had P10 million.
She’d be living comfortably in her own simple house.
She’d be paying for her own medicines and doctor’s fees.
With her own money, she’d have hired a full-time caregiver and house help.
Every weekend, her children and grandchildren would visit. The grandkids would love going there because there’s always delicious food prepared for them.
During those visits, her four children would “fight” for grandma to stay in their home. “Mommy, you always  stay with my sister,” the younger one would say, “ Why don’t you also stay at my house?”

Once a year, grandma pays for a big family vacation for all her children and grandkids. Last year, they went to Vigan. This year, they’ll be going to Batanes.
Thanks to grandma, everyone looks forward to this big break.

Now I ask you: What kind of future do you want?

Have fun investing (and creating the future we want)!

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