Earn for Your Loving

Why invest in the stock  market?
This has actually two questions.
First is why invest, and second is why choose the stock market.
Let’s tackle the first in this blog.

Why invest?

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Short answer: Because you want your money do something for you
Here’s an observation - We’ve almost done everything for money.
Starting from the time we sit on that hot chair for that series of interview, up to the time we retire, we’re essentially working for money.
It may not be the full reason, yes, but it’s definitely a big part of it.
In fact, many we’re trained and equipped for it in school. Sometimes even in our own homes.
Now there’s nothing wrong getting a job, it’s a very decent way of earning for a living.
And everyone should really strive for it.
But a job shouldn’t stop you or hinder you to “earn for your loving”.
Yes, your mission shouldn’t be bounded by your office cubicle, or a noisy manufacturing plant, or your cold conference room.
It has to support you in your own personal mission and goals.
It has to be felt outside your own world too.

Earn for your loving

A typical man working is awake two-thirds of a day, more than half of which is spent working.
When the time he’s home, he’s just so tired and exhausted to invest in other things more important to job. Quality family time, family updates, dinner together with friends, supporting others, etc.
Wake-up early in the morning, drive/commute to office, greet your boss, please your clients,  deliver your outputs, go home. This routine cycle repeats itself five times every week, some even more than that.
Don’t get misled.
Be an excellent employee you can be, deliver the greatest value you can give,  and make the best of your opportunity, but don’t forget to “mind your own business” too. Remember that your employer is also investing on you, and is actually minding his own business doing so. It might be wise pondering to do the same.
A job alone also wouldn’t bring you to your complete personal goals.
It may even hold you back at the worse.
And  leave you at an instant.
Now we want to diminish that non-supportive total- job-dependence.
And one way to do it is invest a part of what you get out of working for it.

Start Investing

It’s said that cemetery is the most fertile land because of the worthy dreams continuously get buried remaining unrealized.
And I have a theory that next to it is workplace, where self-dream-sabotage is a common episode.
Friend, let your hard-earned money work even harder for you.
Then go find your way to your real home.

Have fun investing!

For your dreams and passion!



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