My Batchmates are Now Working for Me :)

I believe the time has come when money is best made by taking your vacation. My senses feel that the market will carry on with a positive outlook for a month at least due to foreign buying.
Happy 50th Year Anniversarry to Petron Bataan Refinery!
Make Petron work for you
Just last  Wednesay Petron Corp boss Ramon Ang declared plans to expand its refinery operation in Bataan, target to be completed by 2014, and is seen to lift its earnings by as much as 50%.  This is in line with their goal to make the refinery lead in Asia-Pacific region, meeting the demands for petrochemicals and white products including LPG, gasoline, and diesel.
Its 2010 net income jumped 84% to PhP7.9bn on strong petrochemical and export sales while revenues reached PhP229.1bn. Domestic sales grew 6% while export volume rose 48%. And upon completion of the expansion, Petron’s contribution to its parent San Miguel Corp could rise from 30% to 40%.
Enough of the details here, but the whole point is there’s going to be a massive expansion, which in turn will lead to greater potential for company earnings and revenues.  
Many of my friends, orgmates and batchmates will surely benefit from this as this investment will inevitably require a lot of technical manpower to meet this upcoming demand for labor.
Some will decide to enter this gateway, submit their resume, wait for the call for an interview schedule, ride a Five Star bus to Bataan for the interview itself, and then go back until the series is finished. If fortunate enough, they will be given a job offer, start working and begin earning their monthly salary.Yehey!

Here’s the good news!
You don’t necessarily need to graduate as an engineer to gain from the same venture. Gosh, that’s a five-year course, plus all those board exam preparation.
There’s a less hassle way.
Flip positions!
If you can’t work for it as an engineer, then make it work for you instead.  Be an investor!
I have made it with other companies: SM Development Corporation (SMDC), Meralco (MER), Megaworld (MEG) and Metrobank (MBT).
I’d just open my laptop, log-on to my stockbroker account, buy my favorite stocks, then sell when “enough” profit comes out.
Final Result – hefty profits for investors with the right investment plan for it.
Let’s look at EDC, Energy Development Corporation.
A Lopez-owned company, it has established comprehensive plan to develop other regions outside the Philippines for utilization of geothermal energy, and seen to provide hefty gains in the long term (That what we call investing). Of course one can also earn by riding in its sharp fluctuations along the way without waiting for years. (This on the other hand is trading). And because of the non-stop rise in oil prices, demand for alternative energy sources continues to increase, boosting its profitability in the long run.

Make EDC work for you

By being its investor, you can also leverage on this fantastic company, and make it work harder for you.
So I don’t need to go to Kidapawan, and be one of its working engineers, as a dear friend of mine would probably do soon.
There’s a lot of other big companies scattered in the market, and all you have to do is to pick up some of its pieces and wait for it to become your holy cow, all while having your adventurous vacation.
As of now, other positions in my portfolio include JFC (Jollibee Foods Corporation), ALI (Ayala Land Inc), MEG (Megaworld)) and TEL (PLDT), all performing well at this stage of the market. If you have been used to the language, all of these are blue-chip companies, except MEG which is of medium type Needless to say, I’m in good hands, and they will give me a fortune soon.  

So don’t be content working hard!
In this information age, working hard alone is just a very old equation in this fast-changing world.
Learn to work smart.
Make your batchmates work for you!



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