The Four Rules of Making Millions in the Stock Market

The Four Rules of Making Millions in the Stock Market

How to invest in the Philippine Stock market doesn’t have to be difficult for every beginner investor.

While the subject of stocks investing is easy to appear as complicated, having the basic essential principles can save you a lot of headaches and eliminate the analysis-paralysis that many new investors tend to experience at the early stage of exploring investing in stocks . This in turn causes them not to act any further on their initial interest into Philippine stocks - a sad ending to a supposedly happy story to revamp and improve better their financial lives.

That’s the reason why I’m not really a fan of giving so much information in this blog  - to avoid my readers of an information-overload. I’d rather give one practical investing point each week that you can apply right away than give you a buffet of information you’ll never be able to digest. 

That also pushed me to write a stocks investing book for beginners, and labeled it as a “quick-start kit”. The point is to help you start quickly but not carelessly. (For beginners, you can get your copy here).

In Bo Sanchez’ first stocks investing book, Bo helped simplified investing by giving four simple basic essential rules you can easily follow as investors in the Philippine stock market.


These four stocks investing rules are listed below:
  • Rule #1: Invest Small Amounts Every Month for 20 Years or More
  • Rule #2: Invest Even When There’s a Crisis
  • Rule #3: Invest Only in Giants
  • Rule #4: Invest in Many Giants

We’ll tackle each one in a separate blog and give more insights to help you understand how important each rule is. Actually, they are pretty straightforward so you can directly apply them into your investing style.
In essence, the four rules are merely the concrete step-by-step procedure of going into Peso-Cost Averaging.

But for now, note that these are four rules of investing in the Philippine stock market, and not rules for trading. There’s a big difference as you’ll soon know.

Have fun investing (by following these four rules),

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