Four Investment Lessons A Monsoon can Teach Us

Four Investment Lessons A Monsoon can Teach Us

Habagat has certainly devastated Metro Manila. I for one who resides in Quezon City have witnessed the continuous torrential rain that caused massive floods in NCR and surrounding provinces. Classes were suspended, even some government and private offices. PSE was also forced to suspend its one trading day. In fact, until now, rain is falling at the rhythm of loud kidlat and kulog, something not present in the previous days.

But is this really new? History has shown us that this has been one of our problems. The sad fact is that the condition simply gets worse through time. 

But we can also take this as a learning opportunity rather than as a mere uncontrollable disaster.
It can teach us some lessons on investments.

  • Invest for your protection. You don’t know when these events will strike you. A safety net help you feel more at peace in times like this.
  • Invest when it seems not needed – Invest for your emergency fund. This should be always replenished and increased after every emergency.
  • Invest in what really matters – Times like this make us think about the things that really matter to us.  
  • Lastly, invest in others.  We Filipinos can still prove that our very own bayanihan spirit is still alive until now.
Photo by: Marianne Bermudez / Philippine Daily Inquirer
It’s very difficult to impart positive vibes when all you see are people stranded, homes vanished and livelihood taken, but there must be some reason why God tells us to rejoice always.

After all, when all the rain has been poured down, the sun will surely shine and give us a clear sky once again, a new faith and a new hope, with a new perspective in life.



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