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If you're new to investing or to stocks, you'll want to know that this blog has been written to serve you. 

The goal is pretty simple - to cover the basics and essentials of stocks investing and help you help yourself in your financial life.

Initially I just wanted to give back the fun I had investing in the stock market by sharing the fun with you (yeah, investing should be fun).

But on the other side, I’m afraid I might be giving you an incomplete picture of what stock investing is all about. I might be pushing you into the realm of gambling in the stock market as opposed to investing. As you know, gambling should not be encouraged, more so in public.

But just to help you get started, I managed to go on and compiled all the practical learning I had from my own experience. So in effect you're saving yourself from possible mistakes (and financial losses) you could have by reading this blog.

Make no mistake. I don't claim to be perfect at investing. Like you, I continue to learn (and I like it that way).

But if you want your money to start working for you one day soon, allow me to sing your first lullaby. 

I’m glad to be part of your financial journey!
Run on!

Now on to "About me".
You see, I had a very poor relationship with money before.  And I now realized it was a combination of three reasons.

First, I came from a poor family.
My father was working as a taxi driver. To augment that income, my mother took a janitorial job. Still, their combined income was hardly enough to make the ends meet. How could you expect their minimum income to cover sending three children to school?

Later on, my older sister had to delay her college so that my older brother could continue his education. Fortunately I received a government scholarship grant that covered my college tuition with monthly allowance.  In all those years, I was trained to live a simple life. Or better yet, I had no choice but to learn the ropes of a simple-but-most-of-the-times-lacking life.

Second, the type of surroundings I grew up in for two long decades had also stained how I viewed wealth.
We never talked about money in our family simply because we didn’t have it. I couldn’t recall a single discussion about building a business. I didn't even have an idea of how bank deposits works.

All I was hearing was how my mother would try to do all the tricks and magic to cover all the family expenses with their meager salary which comes every week. We were used to our limited resources. But in the process I became financially ignorant. Worse, I became limited in my dreams. My vision was contained in a small world opened up to me.

The third and last reason is that I had really terribly awful beliefs about money.
I subconsciously saw well-off people as greedy oppressive group. I guess I got that from watching night TV series that would almost always have similar plot. A poor lady meets this young man who belongs to a wealthy family, who would then do all means to cut the relationship, revealing their wicked character.

Then on weekends you hear a Sunday preaching telling you to stop thinking about making money. That money won't make you happy. That money is the root of all evil. So eventually I had problems combining money and God. If God saves the poor, who would save the rich? So why should I be rich?

I was trapped.

After being bombarded by those kinds of thoughts for so many years, I was "effectively" and helplessly conditioned not to desire to have money, to be a poor receiver and to limit myself in being small, without being aware of it. Sure I had my own child dreams, but those are as small as the possibilities presented to me.

It went so deep into my beliefs that when I finally graduated in college and shortly landed on my first job, a strange fear came creeping into myself thinking that I might forget the values I have once I started earning by myself. That I might be controlled by money instead of I being able to handle it. I was totally afraid of money!!

Then that fateful day happened.

I came across this book by Bo Sanchez - 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich.

I was hesitant at first to read it. It was pure struggle. But after reading one chapter after another, munching its message with struggles at the start, my beliefs was slowly changed. Slowly my mind was unlocked to more opportunities. I felt I was finally given the divine permission to be truly rich for the right reason, for love.

It's the same message I've been hearing in The Feast, the weekly gathering of Light of Jesus Family.  We're asked to dream big, not out of selfish ambition but out of love. We're asked to put constant actions on it, but still relying in God's grace for His perfect plan and timing.

In hindsight, I now realized that God has allowed me to go through such a journey to prepare me in the blessings that would come my way. In all those years, God has been molding me and forming my character in the next phase of my life. Since I knew the feeling of being poor, in being in need, I can now appreciate God's wealth more. Since I lived in a state of lack and scarcity, I can now cherish and welcome God's abundance even more. And now I'm saying "Yes" to God's blessings.

Blessed to be a blessing!

Now I have a supportive relationship with money. Working in the corporate world for two years, I am delighted to have hundreds of thousands in my investments now. I'm also blessed to have additional passive income which began interestingly when I started tithing. It may be small for some, but I am more than happy to have that kick-off at this planting season of my life.  But more than the figure, the enlightenment and God's grace behind it gives me the real fulfillment from it. It's not just about having that lump of money, but being a better and more responsible steward of blessings God has gifted me.

I can now have that priceless joy in providing for my family. Because God has given me, I am also able to give. Because I'm blessed, I am blessing others.

Finally whenever someone asks me about my financial life, I would jokingly answer "sapat na sa tatlong pamilya".

That's somehow my self-reminder that whatever material blessings God gives me should provide for my three families: for the family God had given me and the one I would be called to have in the future, for the spiritual family that nourishes my soul and expands God's work on earth, and for my bigger family with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

And as I continue to expand my territories and focus on my dreams, I am so thankful and grateful to the Lord for giving me the ability to create wealth, the power to multiply it, the heart to share it and the wisdom that ultimately, real wealth is found only in His presence, in His love, in His everlasting embrace.

To God be all the glory!

Omeng \_(",)/

PS: The person who was once allergic of money is now an advocate of growing and multiplying it!
Enjoy reading this blog!

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I wish I could help you not just in the early stage of your stocks investing journey, but also in every succeeding steps of the way.
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