Truly Rich Club Stocks Alert - Sell AGI

Just roughly a month after Truly Rich Club included AGI in its stock picks to-buy list, now I received a stock alert to sell it.
Here's the exact word from Bo Sanchez:
Sell AGI (Alliance Global Inc.) because it’s hitting our Target Price.
I can’t believe it: After one month only, I’m already telling you to sell.
From the proceeds, you can either sit on your cash or buy MER (Meralco).
Two reasons why we like MER.
It gives 3.5% Cash Dividends every year.
It won’t just distribute power, it will now generate power.
Oh, the market is crazy! It’s scary.
May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez
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Exactly one month prior today, the club previously sent the Stocks Alert to buy MER and AGI.

Stocks Alert: Buy AGI and MER
I know a lot of TrulyRichClub members having been waiting for this.
In the past few weeks, we’ve sold some Stocks and so we’ve got cash in our hands.  And out of the six companies in our SAM list, only three companies are still below our Buy-Below price: MPI, FPH, and MBT.
Thankfully, we can add two more companies today: AGI (Alliance Global) and MER (Meralco).
Just divide your cash (proceeds of stocks we sold) into five or six months, and invest one part each month.  And add to this amount your usual monthly investment.  That’s what you divide into our two new Stocks, AGI or MER.
(You may also keep buying our older stocks MPI, FPH, and MBT.)
Happy investing!
May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

You see, club members are actually well taken care of every single trading day.
While regular Stocks Updates are sent only every two weeks, you can still receive urgent concrete short actions steps, such as the one above, at any time wherever you are through its Stocks alert (Thanks to internet!)

While others are busy and taking lots of time to study (which is actually good), or keep on waiting forever, we choose to stand on the shoulders of giants, we leverage on the expertise of people who have practically devoted all their life into analyzing stocks investing… and make nice profits in their filtered process.

Congrats to AGI investors!

Have fun investing (while reaping your profits)!

PS: For beginners, download your free copy of Bo Sanchez' My Maid Invests in the Stock Market... And Why You Should Too [PDF]. Click here to download! 
If you're just starting to invest, download this practical ebook to guide you in every step of the way - Investing in Philippines Stock Market for Beginners!

PS2:  Are you joining Truly Rich Club because of these Stock Updates? Read on. 
First, what I actually like most in the club is its inspiring sets of audio files. The club calls it PowerTalks. And yes, for me, they're powerful enough to keep me going in my plans and dreams.

Listening to those (during commuting time), my mind and my emotions are urged to become one - which can be a very powerful drive. To add, our mind has its boundaries we can never contain. And the nice thing is that once something enters our mind, it can live there forever (which explains why it's critical to choose what you feed your mind!).

So while Stock Updates can be very profitable in the stock market, those are only secondary to me. At the least, they're short-term. Once you're done selling, that's it.

But cultivating one's mind can impact you in a much longer term, for the rest of your life, in the same way that your thoughts in the past have brought you to where you're in exactly now.
So if you're joining the club because of mere stock updates, take a second look.
You're staring at the incomplete picture.
In fact, if you'll just be persistent, you can get all the stock updates you want in various online sites (very limited though and might be come to you incomplete).

I urge you to think of its entirety. Because that's how the club is designed, drastically changing your life… by first changing your mind.

To try it out, check the details here.

PS3: If you also know of any other paid online subscription (related to personal finance planning and coaching) that you believe is better than what Truly Rich Club offers, let me know so I can also review and possibly share in this blog in the future.



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