TGIA: Thank God I’m Alive (NOW)

Last month I had my regular stock update from the Truly Rich Club (TRC).
But the April batch I received contains info which I believe would be more useful for anyone still outside and oblivious of the stock market world.
I tried to translate it to make it more practical for a clueless public but it seemed I could no longer condense it to a more simplified practical version. And so I just showed below some snapshots of the article. (I hope Bro Bo wouldn’t mind me posting a portion of it here. Well, I know him as a very generous man, so I’m quite confident he won’t rebuke my membership one he knew my giving this icing on the cake.  Yummmmy!) Read first before going on.

So there.
If you will notice, aside from  down-to-earth stock market basic education like the one shown above, this regular stock update also includes recommendation on what to buy each month. It actually provides three platforms on which you can do your activities, depending on your situation and risk-appetite. And because of this guide I receive every two weeks, I’m able to manage my emotions and investment decisions.
Two points above are worth reiterating here:
First, that we’re still in stage 1, which means we have a
 looooooong waaaaaaaaay uuuuuuuuppppppp!
And second, that the Philippines [stock market] is the best place to invest your money. As  I always tell, put in the stock market only your free cash  -meaning, money you wont touch in the near term and you would otherwise put in the bank . Setting aside even  1k every month is a good start, the important things is you begin and not keeping sitting-stagnant-pretty.

Time is Gold

You may be grumbling, and may sound peeve and tetchy, “gosh, that’s still 10 year from now. I will just enter after 9 years”.
Yes, ten years or more seems to be too far away from the present, but whenever I remember  the times when I was just that little pasaway kid, climbing trees and walls, and playing  tumbang preso with my worn-out slippers , I still hardly believe  I’m already a working earning man now. Time really flies so fast-at the speed of the dark, that we seldom notice it. So we better take advantage of that, rather than being eaten and beaten slowly by inflation, which quite knows how to use time against consumers like me and you.
Time is gold indeed.
Have fun investing!
PS: TRC’s love and service doesn’t end in giving you stock updates only. It also provides bunches of “Wealth strategy” articles  that are very applicable, useful and practical.  For the other mountain of blessings in this great package, you may find more info here.



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