How to learn about stock market WITHOUT losing money

In my last blog, I shared my first-hand experience investing in the Philippine stock market and showed all my baby activities last year.
It was not totally flawless of course, what can you expect from a newbie who had no any business and financial background. But the rewards are good enough for an investor infant like me.
And the more I engage playing in the market, the more I see myself doing it in the long run.
Ten or twenty years from now, I picture myself doing trades and investments every weekday morning  when the market opens,  entering orders, watching the market movements and sentiments, and making wise (and hopefully right) decisions.  That’s the kind of battle I would have to conquer every few hours of the day.
After that I’ll proceed playing with my kids, managing “cute” businesses, strengthening my family, building my friendships,  enjoying my own farm, jogging with my pets,  doing my other advocacies and (possibly) teaching  all my life learning and realizations to the generations after me.
It all seems very ambitious for me to pronounce at this very early time.
And sometimes I cannot stop doubting  if I’m still being reasonable with myself and my dreams, or I am becoming too adventurous  just chasing and chasing after things unaware of where they would all lead me.
But I also discovered that unless you make big dreams, you’re somehow wasting your very short stay here on earth. You limit yourself  on what you can be and do. Sayang ang life to the fullest offered by the lord.  =P.
Going back, this blog is aimed just to let you know that  you can also have your first touch of the market for FREE. Without you losing money, and thus without the fear of making mistakes.
I can offer you two options.

OPTION 1: First is through online trading game.

You can participate in this game offered by PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) itself. 
It’s one of their ways in encouraging Filipino people to engage more in the stock market. 
Simply register and start your transactions dealing with online virtual money. 

You’re given one million pesos in the beginning, and you can do anything you want with it, when you want it,  make choices, go back after days, weeks, or even  months, and see the consequences of your speculative decisions. From there comes your learning.
The nice thing about this is that except for the money involved, you practically deal with exactly the same conditions (prices, economic news, and other factors) as with the real market, and so you’re gaining experiences that are realistic and reliable for your further analysis.

However, I didn’t like it much since I was playing with virtual money and not real money I own. I didn’t feel sad when prices went down, and I didn’t feel thrilled when they skyrocketed up. And as we all know, the lessons that we really treasure and remember are those that come with real pain. (emo lang )
Nevertheless, I can also say it is good enough if anyone would just like to see and have a feel of what’s really “going-on” in this kind of market place.
That’s your first option, and you can play with it forever, FOR FREE.

OPTION 2: Enter the Real Market

The second option which is more exciting (and which I highly recommend) is entering the real market itself.  You look for an online brokerage firm, apply for an online account and you position and put down real cash.
Whaaaaat...,  it’s actual money involved?! Yes.
But how could the learning be free and not let you incur any loss?
Well, I told you to just open an account, and NOT make transactions.
You see, stock market also obeys Newton’s Third Law of Action and Interaction - It won’t touch you unless you touch it.
As long as you do not enter a buy or sell order, your money remains intact, safe from any risks (or rewards), protected from any loss (or gain).
But once you have your account,  you can start navigating through their website and get wide access to lots of information available there, including analysis of the present market condition, stock recommendations, closer looks on various companies,  relevant news and other helpful bits of advices.
These online firms pay a lot to their stock market analyst to make such analysis as part of their service to their clients. And as their valued customer, all their conclusions will be laid down effortlessly before you. From there will start your stock market 101 self-study.
Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily need to follow any of their recommendation, but you can already get galaxies of insights on the ins and outs of stock investing, all while your money is enclosed by not touching it.
As of now, you can immediately start with only 5000 pesos to open an account, and enjoy all the mentioned above.  And if in the end, you feel you’re not really into stock market,  or you’re just lazy for these simple steps for wealth building, you can easily get your money back by simply taking them out of your stock trading account, and go back to your ordinary life. While for those who might get stunned, let me be the first to welcome you to a new exciting world!
So there. The choice is yours, as is always.

Speaking of choice, just a last note about option..
A friend once made me realize the importance of self-responsibility.

If you want to have a great marriage, you work hard for it.
If you want to have a great friendship, you work hard for it.
If you want to have a great career, you work hard for it.               
It you want to have a great you, you  work hard for it.
Stephen Covey terms it proactivity (the first of the seven habits to effectiveness), making you the programmer of your life.

But in your finances, it’s never wise to work hard alone. 
Make what you get work even harder for you!

Have fun investing!


 PS: “Waah, the way you describe it requires so much effort, so much knowledge, so much analysis, and so much risk”, you might say.
Partly it’s true, but it all boils down to your goal and strategies.
Of course  you always  have the option best suited for you appetite to risk. .
Bro Bo Sanchez has this Truly Rich Club,  which serves as my mentor and guide.
(Mentors are very essential!!!)
And the best thing I like most  is that while you are guided for your spiritual and financial growth, you are also able to be part helping financing his ministries for the poor.
That alone feels rewarding and worthy of my membership, aside of course from seeing your finances growing.   

PS4: For beginners, start reading this book Bo Sanchez' My Maid Invests inthe Stock Market... and Why you should, too!
Make your money your slave



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