Make Your Fantastic Sex and Profits!

Let me share one golden advice  – an advice that, if applied appropriately, may help a lot to your sexual and financial life.
Here it is - “TAKE YOUR TIME”.
Women naturally love to be undressed, slowly, bit by bit.
Men of course also love this form of foreplay very much, and smart witty women know how to make their partner go really crazy because of this.

 But nah, women’s tendency is less obvious, and therefore is often ignored.
Unfortunately, both sexes are tempted to begin their sizzling action completely naked at the beginning, without doing the art of doing things slowly, thus grabbing them of the chance to make things  a lot more exciting and ecstatic for them.
Thus this blog to remind us of this tested rule.

Don't rush!

Let’s have a look at your sexual life.
Imagine yourself with the woman of your fantasies.
You slowly unbutton each button of her dress, top to bottom.
You then mark her pieces of jewelry, taking each off one by one.
If she wears stocking, you gradually slid it down her smooth legs, then at snail’s pace, you let her other body accessories fall down the floor.
Feeling the heat accumulating in both of you, you pause for a while, reach her soft hands, breathe, and gaze at her grandeur majestic  wholeness.
You become more attracted to what you see.
 You proceed kissing her - you kiss her face, you kiss her eyes, her nose, her ears, down to her neck, overlooking her  lips hungering for yours, all while she’s still in her bra and panties.
You do next  your own rituals, you revolve, you rotate, you do exhibitions.
You make her feel you totally want her, but intentionally taking so long to even touch her mouth.
You caress her long hair, you massage her soft back.
Your hands begin to negotiate over her whole body, avoiding touching what you know can easily drive her wild.
You don’t give in and resist going directly to the main course.

 And by the time you decide to be more reactive, KABOOM!,  her erotic energy has just came to its peak that you simply have no choice but to accept all she’s very much willing to offer. J

Her desire flaming inside comes to a climatic point she could no longer bear, even feeling a slight pain and sting between her legs!

And with a roaring blaze of pure passion, she starts ripping her underwear off herself, and launches the real battle of action!
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Now stop your wild imagination.
Take a deep inhale if you need to.
(But that’s one of the best gifts of this life so make sure you do it with someone you truly and will choose to  forever love.)
But how can you relate it to your investments? Whaha
Here’s the analogy : The stock market also wants to be seduced! 
Most of the times, it hates to be rushed!
When you avoid doing things rushed, you give your investments  enough time to increase on its own.
Many traders lose money because of this urgent rush.
They want quick money, they long for immediate satisfaction, so they plan to make buy and sell orders in a matter of days, sometimes even within a day (which they call intraday momentum trading).
These traders kiss their stocks for a few minutes, relying on brief stimulations hoping to push the prices up, then do selling immediately once the slightest profits manifest.
Now there’s nothing wrong of this if you’re gaining, but this requires so much experience and analysis, not to mention the greater risks (and loss) it’s accompanied.

Money Cost Averaging

Wise investors do differently. They apply what’s termed Money Cost Averaging -  one of the greatest invention out there for investment.
That’s a pretty fancy name, but it only means consistently putting in small fixed amounts into your investments month by month. It’s like seducing the market gradually yet continuously. You don’t hurry and use all your capital and energy blindly in a single shot.
By doing this, you faithfully stick to your plan, and hold on it  for quite a long time, not minding the tempting minor dips and bounces along the way.

You can choose any amount you can afford. Probably 5,000 per month.  Perhaps 10,000.
If this seems to be so much of a burden, then try smaller amounts, invest them every two months or so.
The important thing is that you do this regularly.
And you know what you're doing.
Investors who understand this logic about the market,  who can be patient, and who doesn’t easily give in to the temptation of selling -  to them will the whole market give gains more than it will give to others.
You can find related info and study them here.
Friends, Romans and countrymen,  learn the  art of seducing your loved one(s).
Then do the same to the market, knowing its sensitive areas.
Seduce, and your risks will reduce!
Have fun investing (and healthy sexlife!)!



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