A Typical Trading Day

Just last April 7 I bought few shares of PLDT (TEL) at 2348 per share.
I thought that’s pretty low price considering that it had attained 2550 -level in March of 2010.
Besides, that’s one of blue-chip companies, so I need not to worry where it would bring my money.
(Blue-chip meaning it’s 101% sure that it will go on standing in the next 10-20 years)
And I noticed the market these days has been very generous to its players.

Indeed it brought me cakes and partys!
I checked early  this day, and it’s price ballooned to 2436 per share.
Now it also gave me balloons!
Wheee, that’s more than 3% in a matter of days!

But do you know what typically follows when people see profits?
Greed easily makes a graceful entrance, so graceful you won’t notice it flowing within your circulatory system.
So I experimentally posted a sell order at 2440 per share, when its market price even went down to 2430.
(Somehow I acted like a vendor selling items overpriced. Just being too playful)

Then I closed the online window, and focused on more important things.
Answered a SMS from a friend, did some reflection, murmured some words, and thought my plans for the night.
I really didn’t mind if that order would be executed or not.
As I said, PLDT’s strong background would serve as my support net.

When I checked two hrs later,  waaah,  it closed at 2460.
And my orders got executed at 2440!!
Whaha, sayang naman! (In English , tsk tsk tsk. )

But as they always say, propeytz is propeytz.
And that’s money going directly into my pocket, after working hard for me, after having my Lenten season vacation.

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I can’t help but wonder on the rewards had I had more money to buy more shares.

Oh well, that’s just me sharing.
Enjoy the rest of the week!

PS1: Though my activities today  gave me good enough return, it poses  the new  problem of where and when I will enter again. Common sense tells us that buying TEL again at prices higher than my selling price defeats the purpose of selling it.
Haha, that’s the glitch of trading within a matter of days. But for me that’s fun!
I’ll just wait for the next market emotion and see what I can do.
But you may also surely invest long-term, and reap similarly fantastic results.
This may help you a lot!

PS2: Yesterday, I with my cousin roamed around Trinoma. Nothing spectacular, except that I felt sad when we passed by the Swatch store, remembering my Swatch that got lost recently.  You know, it’s one of those few things I really value as it gives me time and direction.
My Goal: By the end of May, I’ll have my new watch, to be financed by my stock market earnings! Sounds cool! Wish me best stock! (I mean best luck!)
Have fun investing!



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