Sorry if I Confused You

When I made my blog  My Batchmates are now Working for Me, I received lots of inquiries as to how to start investing.
They raised question like “Romer teach me how to enter the stock market”,
or “What’s your portfolio now” or “ What to buy now?”.
With that I apologize that I brought the wrong impression.
I want to confess that I just balled you! (Nambola lang! )
Because stock market alone won’t make you a millionaire.
In the first place, I didn’t make the blog so you start venturing on it right after.
All I want to bring to the table is that there’s more than working for a job, without actually doing more.
 But it seemed I forgot one important point there worth mentioning here - that money from stocks, in its bare form, can never make you truly rich!
And that financial expedition journey is more than acquiring money for oneself.
Have the healthy seed!
   I must emphasize that what you need more is a sound financial mindset, one that can handle the opportunities up your way, and prepared for the challenge and rewards you’re up to.
In the same that a healthy seed in an infertile soil would find a very hard way to become a mighty high-standing  tree, a big chunk of money flowing into you, begging to enter your life, whether from the stock market or not, will never be your fruitful financial tree unless you have a mind fertile enough to nourish it. To multiply it. And to give its shade for others soon.
If you think of it, this actually applies to all aspects of life and not just for your financial jar.   
So before you apply for an online account, make sure to have in-line account first - be accountable for yourself.
Yes, financial education and proper mindset are far more important than any big profit stocks investing can give you.
How do you that?
Well, find your own way. 
In my case, my financial paradigm was shattered  after reading the books 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich, and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.
Those are simply fantastic books.
They had tremendous impact on my life.
 They speak not just about stock market, but on attaining abundance in general – in being truly rich. It's an internal and external self-transformation manual.

They will help you attain the proper mindset, discipline and determination for your decision, and once you have it, the rest of your financial freedom journey is simple following of  basic steps and rules.

Be Truly Rich

The Real Game

I have a friend who recently resigned from his high-paying job in a multinational company so he can attend to his more important personal things.
He was in fact earning more than I do,  and so I was greatly shocked when he shared with me his unpredicted pronouncement.
But after explaning things to  me, yo, I instantly became proud of him.
Why did he do that?
Because he knew that increasing riches is not just our real game in this planet.  
I was happy he's pursuing his dreams, for himself and his loved ones. 

Study Now, Pay Litter

 So if you're not content with working for your job alone, go to your nearest bookstore and look for these titles.
Read them when you're caught in traffic, when bored at home, or as your daily sleeping pill. (It's effective for me!) You can actually finish in less than a week.
And just in case  you doubt what I am saying, and that you scrimp too much even for your personal development, and don’t want to lay-off a very little case for its purchase,  shouting “ No Romer, I won’t buy it, it’s posh, worthless expense,”
 Don’t worry.
I’ll let you borrow those books from me.

Absolutely  FREE!
No interests.
No hidden charges.
Yes, you can have them all for one month. For FREE.  
That’s  part of the launching of my “Study Now, Pay Litter” policy.
All I will hold on to is your pledge to return it to me, in almost the same condition I’d give it to you.
Read them and feel the empowering it would give you.

The Greatest Investment

Just in  case few days after  reading it you’ve come to your senses and  believe it’s totally useless , that my blogs like this are just  waste of cyber memory space, and felt you just shattered your precious time reading them , then simply return them to me.  I’d accept and receive it  both with open arms and legs. 
No questions asked, no “friendship over” declaration, no lethal rejection.
And to compensate for your wasted time, I could even treat you to a dinner in any metro manila restaurant you’ll wish!
Still no questions asked, no “friendship over” declaration, no lethal rejection.
Why do I do that?
Because I hold to the truth that investments in people are better than any other kind of investments present out there in the capital market.
Way far more worthy than any silver and gold world deposits.
Or any fast-growing company.
Or a blue-chip  business conglomerate.
In the end, what ultimately counts are those we share to others, and not the great performance of our  company shares.

So don’t enter the market just because I did say so.
DO it for yourself. DO it for the people you love.
DO it because you want to enter a world of more possibilities.

There  you have it!
Keep me updated in your financial expedition!
Having cleared out this most important point, I can now relax and have my restful sleep again.
For your greatest investments! :)

PS1: You might have an inner voice saying, “Romer , show me your profits, then I’d follow you“.
And I’d answer “You just  don’t get the point, my friend”.
My mission in doing this is not to impress and gain fans, nor shout out that I’ m richer than you. That’s a lot easier to do. Besides, next to a defective ruler, that’s the worst way to measure people.  
I do this out of fun. 
And gratitude. 
God has been so good to me, so good that I cant help but extend those blessings to others.

PS2: Hey, I just realized that life has been fantastic for me, and because I’m  more fanatical, I have even more for you!
In case you’re too shy and timid accepting my restau-offer above alone, then let’s make it more appealing for both of us.
Let’s level-up to platinum  “Study Now, Pay Litter, Bring a Friend!”  
You read it right! 
Bring anyone, your closest friend, bestfriend, boyfriend or girldfriend, and I would also bring mine. Let’s all enjoy a night of fun, food and friendship! Wheee!



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