Do not miss this investment!

No stock story or tips for today.
But this time, I would like to share with you this great guide that may help you to become a high-performance achiever, which is actually better than any investing tip or trick you’re looking for.

Yes, this is a way better type of investment than what you may currently have now in our Philippine Stock Market, as this is focused on your greatest asset, which is yourself.
I believe this can greatly help you nail that high performance you may be yearning for.
So stop investing in our big companies for a while, and take a short time to check yourself to prepare you for a much exciting journey waiting for you.
Thank you to Brendon Burchard for simplifying things like this.
live your life to the fullest!
Brendon Burchard’s
6 Guiding Questions for High Performers
Ask yourself these questions several times a day.
Keep this page near your computer or work area at all times to remind yourself
of what to focus on as you seek to be more, achieve more, and serve more. 


What is my mission today?
What must I accomplish
today to progress my life?

Am I demonstrating bold
enthusiasm when I seek to
influence others?

Am I living my truth? What 3
words really define who I am
as a person? What 3 words
should define how I should
interact with others?


Am I rested and fully
hydrated? Am I sleeping,
eating, exercising, and
hydrating enough to have
the energy I deserve?

What level am I in this moment in terms of my emotional
and physical vibrancy and presence?
How can I serve greatly?

Personally though, I think I have to revamp myself in terms of all these P’s. HAHA
Well, probably more on the persuasion side.

You see I can be productive, know myself, and have enough energy to do all sorts of things, but influencing others is really a big challenge for me, and exciting at the same time.

But I also believe that persuasion, which I would rather call touching people's lives, is the key to a really more productive life performance. It’s like a multiplier that can vastly enlarge your territory.

If we think of the great people in our history, we can always trace a link of persuasion and influencing in their stories.

How about you? How do you think you can apply these principles so you can live this life to the fullest?
Share your thoughts below.

Have fun and millions investing (in yourself)!

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