Don’t let your stock investments define you! Relax in God’s Love

Don’t let your stock investments define you! Relax in God’s Love

This will be a quick sweet note.
It’s Monday time again!
For many, this day signals the start of another week–long work. (C’mon, please stop frowning :P )
For few, this signals another time for their businesses to work for them.  And I wish to be one of them soon. J
And for investors like us, it’s another week-long time for giant companies to work for us. Yay! I shout out “keep growing companies!”

I thank The Feast for recharging me every Sunday in facing every new week. It’s my weekly regular overdose of inspiration and hope in spending life to the fullest!
And I super-love the new brand series it tackles – LifeSavor. It has a very long but powerful subheading:
This course is dedicated to the Approval Addict, The Chronically Nice, The Spiritually Abused, And Everyone Else Under the Sun Who Need to Love Themselves More.

Which leads me to my message for you today:
Friend, relax in God’s love. Because in His eyes, you are His greatest investment!
Many times we forget to relax.
It’s very understandable given the very demanding life that we have now. With the tight schedule and endless deadlines imposed, it sometimes seems impossible to take a break from work and savor life once again.

Take your vacation!

I remember the recent vacation we had in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, the home-province of my brother-in-law.
I loved it very much.  It’s like a pre-city in mountains, surrounded by wide oceans and seas. Pre-city because it doesn’t really have the usual lights and sounds of developed cities. And I really dream to have one vacation house there, to embrace and welcome me every time I’ll choose to take a leave from work.

One night of that vacation was spent in a kubo of a relative.  It’s like a hidden corner of a mountain that there were only few people residing and houses are placed several feet away from each other. We came there late afternoon.  Few hours later, gosh, I experienced first-hand how people in the province really sleep very early. It was only past 7pm, but people were already in their own houses.

It’s very obvious why since there’s really no night-life present like what we have in the metro. Once, I got out of the tiny wooden door, and all I saw was total darkness. It was a very silent calm night, with all sorts of insects as the only makers of recurring noise.

And when morning came, I saw a very beautiful scene of my life. It’s a mountain range with trees and clear sky all around!
Good morning Ilocos Norte!
My heart jumped with joy! It’s a paradise for me. 
I silently told myself: This is the simple life I want. You wake-up early every day, and  fresh air and awesome nature greets you in the morning.

Are you like this donkey?
This was shared in the talk in the feast earlier! 
Are you like a donkey?

Donkeys can be the laziest animal in the planet. To make it move and run, owners instead place a carrot in its front tied in its body. But due to this kind of set-up, the donkey will never be able to reach the thing he’s yearning for.

He could try his best, but it will always be a failed attempt. What he forgot is that the carrot was all the time with him, and he just needed to relax to enjoy it.

We can work all the time we want, but it will not fully satisfy us. It can even fail us at times. At these trying moments, let's just remember that God has always been with us, our true source of value and worth.  Let's find time to enjoy with Him.

Add life to our years!

So the next time you add to your investments, make sure to also add life to your years. Your mighty creator also does the same. Each day you wake-up is a new life He adds to your days!

Take a rest! Better yet, go for a vacation!
Your life has been waiting for you!

Enjoy life!
Enjoy the rest of your week!



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