How to start investing in the Philippine Stock Market

How to start investing in the Philippine Stock Market
How do you start investing in the Philippine Stock Market?
Here’s a nice yet challenging quote from one of the best inspirational speakers of the world:
"It's best to start the discipline of generosity when the amounts are small. It's easy to give ten cents out of a dollar; it's a little harder to give a hundred thousand out of a million." -- Jim Rohn
The quote simply highlights the importance of starting even if you only have small amount of money.
Do you want to give?
Then you’ve got to start now. Don’t wait before you have something big to give. Because from experience, it won’t happen. Or at least it will be a lot more difficult by then.
Those little sessions of giving will train and shape you to solidify your desired habit of giving, until it becomes automatic of you to give more.

If you look closely, the same discipline applies to investing.
It’s a common scene where one person remains stuck and never starts investing citing the small income he currently has.
What they don’t realize is that every day they acknowledge this thinking is a day that the stock market is working in growing the finances of some lower-earner people. (Download here: My Maid Invests in the Stock Market.)
Don’t have enough 5k to start investing?
You can open your online trading account without any down payment – read here to find out how.
If you really want to be financially free, then do start.
If you want to work for money forever, then ignore this.
Change your thinking, and then you’ll change your life! J
Have fun investing (now!).
PS: So how do you start investing in the Philippine Stock Market? There's no shortcut. Simply start!
PS2: You really really want to start but need to clear some questions first? Then email them to Just so you can begin your steps to financial freedom!
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