My Opis Kras is Leaving =( … plus how you can help build a better Philippines! ^^

My Opis Kras is Leaving =( … plus how you can help build a better Philippines! ^^

Yesterday night was saddest.
Because my opis kras is leaving. She’s bound to another side of the planet and yesterday was her last day in the office.

Sad but true.

To put it in context, let me first define to you what an "opis kras" is as used in this blog.
It’s the person in the office that when
  •        You see her, every stress vanishes.
  •         When she smiles, every energy is restored.
  •         And when she talks to you, everything else disappears! ^^

Now you see why you would never ever dream to be in my present situation now.
Good thing I’ve been trained to look at the brighter side of things. So I focus instead on its fourth criterion:
  •         With no serious intention of pursuing though :P
Well, at least I was able to bid final farewell to her. It was a short statement typical of me: “I am so sad you’re leaving, but I am happy for you”.  

It was actually such a huge move for a person like me. 

You know, I can force myself to be the most confident person at the middle of the crowd, cracking the norms and doing some bold (sometimes too awkward) moves, but put me beside my kras and I suddenly become like a newly manufactured white bond paper – BLANK.
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To add, I’m a very logical and rational person.
That’s just another way of saying I’m not really that good in handling emotions. 
My strategy has been to be totally honest with myself. If I feel happy, I will rejoice. If I feel sad, I will mourn. 
And I believe that people should be like that - to celebrate life regardless of the type of your situation. Happiness in life after all, as I recently learned, has nothing to do with the absence of problems, but the way you embrace things that happen, with burning and renewed hope after every fall.

So allow this blog post to mourn with me  this time in the reality that in the coming days, there’s no more a person in the office who’ll be my instant fountain source of kilig, with whom I can try my best of best pick-up lines, and who can recharge everything in me with her slightest moves.HAHA

While we have not really become the best buddies, (because she’s in a different team), the thought that at least I met her is already comforting to end this story. 
Besides, I’m not really putting serious thought into being in a committed relationship right now. 
I’m very happy with where I am now, and really excited going where I want to be. I am thrilled meeting new people and going places. 
I just have to accept again this time that in life, people indeed do come and go.  Even the human Jesus did. I think it’s one of the painful facts of life.

HAHA.  Sorry for being too talkative about that.
But what is a story like that doing in a finance blog like this?

What’s the connection between that kras syndrome and your investments in the stock market?

Well, first, because of this unfolding of events, I wouldn’t be able to update this blog as often as before. I have to let myself heal first for some time. HAHA.

More seriously, this is only to remind you that you can help in building our own stock market, and ultimately our country.

As you know, only less than one percent of the entire population of the country are market participants in our stock market. A recent news even revealed that “in the National Capital Region, only less than one percent of Filipino households have investments in stocks, government securities, other securities or mutual funds. In areas outside NCR, the percentage of households that have investments in these instruments is near zero”.  

Compare that with two-digit percentages that exist in our neighboring countries like Singapore, Japan, etc and you’ll stop wondering why we’re left behind in terms of national financial economic development.

With the lots of good news coming out in the local and international channels and arena highlighting the good position Philippines currently has, Filipinos have now more reasons than ever to be investor of companies in the Philippine stock exchange.

The only missing link here, I think, is the unfortunate lack of information Filipinos have, plus the fact that horror stories about stock investing could have stopped some to even try it out. If they only knew that investing could be fun and profitable with just proper mindset and strategy, they’d surely go for it.

You can actually help in propagating the same. 
You can write or share a blog like this, or change your office lunch discussion from complaints to investment discussion like this. 
You can start by sharing your own story of how in the world you did become an investor (and a millionaire in the future). Not only can you diminish the negative aura occupying your pantry, you’re also helping your bosses and friends to empower their finances. You can always have your own way. 
Big or small, it can ultimately help build a better Philippines.

Like what happened in our office.

Last year I shared lessons about investing in the Philippine Stock Market with my own officemates. It was like the typical team meeting in a room.  Even some managers joined it. 
I also shared to them my book specifically designed for beginners right after.  They loved the talk and the book but I loved more their eagerness to learn. While some definitely didn’t enter into stock market investments right after, some had enough bias for action and opened their trading account after few days. 
That second batch is the same set of people who should be wearing big smiles now given the spectacular performance Philippine stock market recently had since the start of 2012.

Moments and opportunities like that are actually more rewarding than any monetary profit I can get in stocks.

I am thankful to God for being a channel of His love and blessings to others. And I pray that it will always be, whether an opis kras is around or not :P.

Have fun and millions investing!

PS: You can also download the book i shared with my officemates here: – Investing in the Philippine Stock Market for Beginners!  Share it to your beginner friends as well!
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