If There’s A Perfect Time To Start Investing In The Stock Market, It Would Be Now… (by Bo Sanchez)

Just sharing again another article of Bo Sanchez, but this time an invitation to anyone who’s still stuck and oblivious of the Philippine Stock Market.

I actually envy people just starting now and planning to become stock investors.
For sure the next months or so will be a great welcoming for them by the stock investing world!
But don’t worry, I’m starting to get used to this feeling too. HAHA.

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Have fun investing (in this perfect time)!
If There’s A Perfect Time To Start Investing In The Stock Market,
It Would Be Now
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Let me tell you why. 
The Stock Market has gone down for the past two weeks. And our fearless forecast says that it will remain down for the next 3 to 6 weeks (no one really knows the exact days).  Reason: The Stock Market has to rest. It went up so much from January to April. And we know it cannot sustain the amazing growth we’ve experienced since the start of 2012.
Imagine a mountain hiker. After zipping up the trails at breakneck speed, he’s now sitting on a rock, catching his breath. He’s drinking from his water bottle. He’s resting his aching muscles.   He’s regaining his strength for the next climb up the mountain.
I repeat: If there is a perfect time to invest in the Stock Market, it is now while you can buy great companies at “sale” prices. After this downward and sideways season, it will rise again soon.
By the way, this is the reason why my TrulyRichClub Members love me more than ever. (It’s mutual. I love them too.)  I’ve already trained their minds to think in a very different way than most people. Today, they never fear these “resting periods”. In fact, they actually LOVE these times when the Stock Market is down. Like a broken record, I tell them to “invest, invest, invest!” when no one wants to invest.
Every other week, through my Members-Only Stocks Update eReports, I keep badgering, cajoling, and begging them to invest in our recommended list of Stocks.
For several months, TrulyRichClub Members saw their money grow beautifully.
Let me give you an idea…
            Last June 2011, I asked them to buy Ayala Land (ALI) when it was P15.09. Last February 2012, I told them to sell it at P21.65.   That was a 35% gain.   Imagine how much they gained from that—because for 8 straight months, they kept buying ALI at low prices. (It stayed at P15 until January!)
            I also asked our Members to buy Nickel Asia (NIKL) when it was P23.75 last February 2012. And one month later, I told them to sell at P28.30 in March 2012! In one month, they enjoyed 19%.   (Note: As long-term investors, I prefer slow growth than rapid growth, so we can buy more shares. But I’m not complaining.)
            Today, our favorite Stocks are taking a beating.   They’re all down. Oh, I love it.   So many great companies to buy!
            Join me.
I believe that this Rocket (called the Philippine Stock Market) is getting ready to take off to greater heights. Our projection: It’ll move up for the next 3 years.   The Philippines will experience a Stock Market boom; It’ll be one of the best performing Stock Markets in the world. And I believe that many will become richer because of this Rocket.

But here’s a brutal fact:  It will go up with or without you.  
I really hope you join the ride.
Don’t wait. Don’t delay. Don’t postpone.
To ride this Rocket, click the link below:

May your dreams come true,

            Bo Sanchez

PS. There are 6 fantastic Stocks to buy. In fact, my TrulyRichClub members have been buying 2 of these 6 Stocks since May 2011—and they’ve not yet gone up. Which is fantastic!  (See how we think differently from many people?)  The longer our favorite Stocks stay down, the better for us, because we can keep accumulating them at low prices. But the day these Stocks shoot up—and we know that day will come—all that we invested at low prices will go shooting up as well.  And we’ll be richly rewarded.   Join us so you can start investing for your future too.
To ride this Rocket, click the link below:



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