Hear Christmas Carol at Philstocks! :)

This will be short!
I'm just surprised when I started hearing some Christmas carols after logging-in to my Philstocks account! HAHA
The music is so relaxing, a perfect melody in an early morning!
They have also made some decoration in their platform!
Because of this, I'm promising to be a faithful customer of Philstocks HAHA. (Emotional reasoning at work!)

Christmas is now really around the corner!
And I surely know that many investors who have just started investing this year have been receiving early Christmas presents from the booming Philippines Stock Market! Well, let's wait until the end of this holiday season, I feel there would be much more!

Want a gift?

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I'm thinking of a Christmas gift to give to my readers this Christmas.
Do you have any specific in mind?
Share in your comment below!
I'll see what I can do about it!

At this early point in time, Omeng wants to greet you "Merry Christmas Millionaire!"

Have fun investing! 

PS: Yesterday, my friend gave me a treat to watch the movie "Rise of the Guardians" I super love it!
I invite you watch it too!
Those kind of inspiring movies help me find my center!
Time to listen to the moon talking to you... and believe it!

PS2: I just realized now how powerful Christmas carol could be while ending this blog! Its message of hope is something we all need in our day to day journey in life! Play one now!  And start sharing your journey!:)
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