What's your investing plan for 2013?

The Stock market has been good in the past few weeks.
As a matter of fact, Truly Rich club has sent the most number of updates during that time since I started being a member of the club. In a span of two weeks, it sent out several sell orders, upgraded some stocks in its recommendations list, and added new candidates for monthly buying.

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Here are some of those updates for recap quoting from Dec Stocks Update:

SELL BPI – November 27, 2012We have been prompted to SELL BPI as it has already hit our Target Price of P91. As mentioned in Bro. Bo’s Sell Alert, COL analysts feel that above P91 is already overpriced. Its up-move during that time was caused by the merging of PNB and BPI. Congrats to those who made a good return with BPI!
SELL SMPH – December 4, 2012Just like BPI, SMPH has also hit its Target Price of P17. Thus, Bro. Bo came out with a SELL SMPH alert as well. For those who were able to sell, good! Your investment and patience have been rewarded! If you were unable to sell at that time, you may choose to continue to either hold SMPH and wait for it to go back up to P17 and then sell, OR you may take your profits and sell now and use the money you’ll get from the sale (divide them into six parts) and buy our other SAM Stocks that are still below their Buy Below Price.
SELL AC – December 10, 2012How quickly did AC go up! It has already reached our Target Price of P520. Thus, we are calling a SELL for AC. Great, we’re making money! Sad though that we weren’t able to accumulate more shares of this stock because it went up too quickly. Again, from the cash you get from this sale, divide them by six, and invest only one part for every month buying our other SAM Stocks that are still under their Buy Below Price.

What does that mean to you? - That sticking to your monthly investments can bring enormous passive wealth for your future.

The year 2012 has witnessed a great growth for the Philippine stock market. What will happen to 2013?
For members, it actually doesn’t matter. They'd just apply the same principle while seeking more ways to add to their investments.

How about you?

Enjoy the Monday! Enjoy the week!
Have fun investing (faithfully)!

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