More profits with less efforts - Investing in Philippines Stock Market The TrulyRichClub Way!

Today I'd just share with you the most recent Stocks Update I received from the Truly Rich Club.
While it is discouraged to give paid information to non-members, I felt the need to share it this time as I see it more applicable to non-members of the club.
You see the title of the update is "Why Doesn’t Everyone Invest Using the Truly Rich Club Way?" Obviously, the content is more useful for those still standing on their toes of joining.

As you know, stocks update is just one of the many components of the package (it has eleven!). But since this is a stocks investing blog, Stock Update is the most relevant part to share here.
Read below if you want to know the answer why it isn’t everyone who invests the Truly Rich Club way!
Sit back, relax and enjoy this free article!

Have fun investing!

PS: This is really an exciting phase of Philippines Stock Market. Just Nov 27, the Truly Rich Club advised its members to sell BPI at 25-30% profit.

Now, just last Tuesday, December 4, it sent a stock alert to sell SMPH after it hit its target price after few months of consistently buying it. Whoah! The market has been so generous even before Christmas!

Below is the exact word:

Sell Alert: Sell SMPH
Buy Alert: Buy MPI
SMPH has already reached our old Price Target.
It’s time to sell. Just like when we sold BPI last week, we earned quite a lot also from SMPH (Yabadabadoo!). Important: If SMPH goes up AFTER you sell, don’t think about it. You’ve earned already. Move on.
When you sell SMPH, hold the cash, divide into 6 parts, and invest one part for the next 6 months. It’s not the season to put huge amounts of money in the Stock Market. Buy slowly.
What can you buy? Aside from the three remaining SAM stocks that you can still buy, you can now buy Metro Pacific Inc. (MPI).
May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

To get to know more about the club, its current recommendations and other wealth-building lessons, click here - The Truly Rich Club way!



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