One New Year's resolution you should have

Times like this are fantastic!

It's like life saying two things to me: for the area of my life I'm good at: "Keep up the good work and aim for greater things!";
And for those areas needing improvement: "This is a new beginning for you!".
I love the reset button it gives to everyone. Specifically the button of hope.
Every year brings itself lots of messages and learning.
And one of those I've learned this past year is that if there's one message people need, that would be the message of hope.
And you know what, I agree.

That's why I've committed myself to share that message of hope in any way I can to people around me. I control myself not to spread any negative vibes and simply support people, appreciating and affirming the good in them and their dreams.

And guess what, that brings out the good not just in other people but in me as well.
So if there's one resolution I can share you, I urge you to do the same and simply support people in their own pursuit of their dreams, even if your logical self says otherwise. Before you know it, you're slowly being transformed to a much joyful and accomplished person.

Whenever I take a peek at myself in the last years, I can't help but smile to see the big difference I attained when compared to myself now.

I want you to have that sense of fulfillment.
So no long list of resolutions from me. Just enjoy people! Enjoy their nature! Enjoy their own world!
Enjoy the new year!
Have fun investing (in people!)

- Omeng \(",)/

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