[Free Download] Useful Budgeter Tool

Here's another gift for you this Christmas!
It's a very useful tool if you're the type who wants to have an insight into your income and spending patterns.

Download your copy here.

The nice thing about this is that it has a built-in charting capability. Yup, so all you need to do is enter your income and spending figures and the pie chart will automatically adjust itself to give you a simpler picture of your financial activity. From there you can get insights into how you can possibly improve more your financial life, or perhaps see how good you are already in managing in your finances.

Another thing is that it generates a monthly and year-to-date monitoring data so you can see if your current situation is still aligned with your pre-set goals. That way you can modify your earning/spending activities to reach whatever financial milestone you want to achieve.
You can also just simply use this same file every year so this is practically useful for the rest of your life HAHA.

Lastly you can edit and customize it to adjust with whatever lifestyle you may have.

At the end of this, I hope that this will help you in achieving your life goals even in some little ways by being just aware of your financial condition. If you think of it, the same big companies, private and public, do the same to continue improve their business. There might be some added value in doing it. 

This day dubbed as the end of the world, let me share the good news of a new world that has been offered to us during the first Christmas - Merry Christmas!

Enjoy the holidays with the people you care for!
Let's keep the sharing and giving spirit of the season!
Have fun investing (for a better financial wellness)!

PS: Btw, this was also just shared to me by a friend, so feel free to do the same and share this to people you think will benefit from this. Download your copy here.

PS2: When I was doing this, I can't help but smile on seeing what kind of person I am by seeing the expenses I have. A man once said "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are". I think it's the same with your expenses, since you only put your money into things you value, right?
Get to know the things you value!
Share your insights below.! =)



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