Today is the day!

Today is the day!

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Perhaps while you're reading this, we're simply having fun with fifty kids  in Jollibee Philcoa.
Our Gawad Kalinga partner calls them "sibol", as they are age three to six years old.
At their very young age, I'm sure that while this is just a tiny present for them, the joy will be much bigger for those who were part of it.

I'm thankful for all  the donors and volunteers who got out of their routine to take part here.
We actually just joined this charity event by a friend who do this for several times now... in my belief that it's better if all people who want to help would just join hands to achieve greater things!

But I'm also grateful that this blog somehow was used as a channel to give real joy this Christmas, the greatest investment we can ever have. And I know that you're with us in this activity in spirit. =)

Enjoy the weekends!
Have fun investing (in others)!

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